ABC ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Reflects On N-Word Fiasco

ABC ‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers finds that just a few months ago, Hannah Brown was caught on her Instagram Live singing and yes, the N-word came out of her mouth. Did we expect for it to blow up the way it did? A little bit, yeah. Now that Hannah has had some time to think about the whole ordeal, she has been reflecting on what happened and what has changed in her life since the incident. She spoke out to fans and they were happy to hear her share her experiences.

ABC ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Open Up on Social Media

There was a lot to learn for Hannah when she accidentally said the n-word while singing on Instagram. She has been nothing but apologetic to her fans about it too. She wrote a pretty long post about it too. “A picture can’t really capture how much I love my people and my home…but this is pretty close. I’m thankful for home. More so, I’m thankful for what I’m realizing home truly is. Home is not the town. It’s not the four walls. Those physical things aren’t the reason we take a deep breath and feel settled and safe again. The people that hear that deep breath and know they need to run to you with a big hug, or take a minute to help you process while you ramble off thoughts. And they can be anywhere. How do you find those people? Look for the ones that can sit with you in the middle of your messy life. The ones that don’t point out the dirty dishes or piles of unfolded laundry.”

ABC ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown’s Reflections

She went onto say, “The past few months at home have brought me to my knees (ok, let’s be real, a full frontal face plant). This season has led me to the humbling position to receive the grace, feel the love…and save room for a big slice of humble pie to take with me on the way back to the next season starting anew. I’m more than where I’ve been…and I can be more than where I’ve come from. I’m thankful for my people who love me just where I’m at. that’s home to me.”

A few weeks after she said the n-word, she did a video apology. She opened up to her fans about it too.”It was part of the song. Initially I didn’t even know it was happening, and I know it is wrong to say the N-word in a song, and I couldn’t imagine I had used it so I immediately denied it.I tried to defend myself but between being intoxicated, which I am also not proud of, and just being embarrassed and confused, I just made it a whole lot worse.” Hannah has been working with a lot of people and trying to better educate herself on the Black Lives Matter movement and trying to make herself a better human being.

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