Who Is Youtuber Awaken with JP & Why You Need To Subscribe To Him!

With the rise of technology, there’s also been a huge shift in who’s considered a celebrity now. Not to mention how streaming and podcasts have changed how we consume content. YouTube is just one of many platforms where new, independent voices are able to be heard. Let’s take a look at one of those accounts and how they recently went viral.

YouTubers to follow: Awaken with JP

Awaken with JP is a satire account that uses its hilarious videos to throw some great messages and points out there. His videos have obviously struck a chord. He’s got over 1 million subscribers on the platform, and some of his recent videos are getting 100’s of thousands of views. After watching several, we can see why. We thought it’d be fun to take a look at one of his recent videos and why it’s so great.

YouTubers to follow: JP on being an idiot

One of the more recent videos was about how to be stupid. It sounds harsh, sure. But this video was absolutely hilarious and gave a lot to think about, too.

In the clip, he had a board beside him where he listed the steps one by one. And with each one, it helps give us a look into ourselves, as well as society as a whole. The main points talked about not following your gut and passions. Instead, you should be doing whatever you can to be “cool” and fit in with everyone else. It also tells us to cling to old ways/ideas/people that haven’t worked in the past. It’s really something you have to see for yourself to really get the full impact. Personally, we will definitely be adding this account to our subscribe list and checking out more of the previous videos. Stay tuned for features on some of the best soon.

YouTubers to follow: JP goes viral

As a recovering Journalism geek, it was especially fun to see one of his recent videos called, “What it’s like to believe everything the media tells you.” This video was a lighthearted, yet real satire on the power of media. And why it’s sometimes a good idea to step away and get a little space and perspective. The video, released a month ago, soon spread across the internet and became a viral hit. We loved seeing that, and hope more of these videos do the same. After it happened, JP uploaded a video to Awaken with JP talking about going viral and giving some thoughts on it. Stay tuned for more, because we’re sure it’s coming.

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