YouTuber Shane Dawson Is Done, Exits Youtube Beauty Community

Shane Dawson career as a youtuber beauty guru has ended before it even began. That’s right, a year after releasing his docu-series on Jeffree Star and making a channel called “shaneglossin” where he said he was going to post makeup looks and all that kind of stuff (even though right now the channel stands at literally 6 videos, all of them vlog vids not related to makeup at all), Shane made his announcement on twitter that he is exiting the youtube beauty guru for good. Of the drama he said that ever since last year he could not get away from it, that every week he has another drama, another disaster to deal with.

YouTuber Shane Dawson is done

He also came out and said that he had nothing to do with orchestrating the whole “Bye Sister” cancellation that happened between James Charles, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook, thanks for clearing that up, Shane. He also said that since then all have unfollowed each other on social media and that the community is so toxic that the beauty community is literally “drama first and makeup later” which honestly is… kind of true. All of the huge beauty gurus have always have a lot of drama connected to their names, whether it be petty drama (Laura Lee and her party city palette) or Dramageddon from last year, the youtube beauty world is like Mean Girls on ‘Roids.

He went on to say that while he wouldn’t be participating in the beauty world anymore, that he would keep makeup as a hobby, like slime slime making and anything galaxy, which I’m glad he can still find enjoyment in it but I must admit I’m kind of disappointed that we won’t be seeing anything on the beauty front from him. I was looking forward to a whole line of drag makeup looks from him, while he impersonated a contestant on RuPaul’s drag race (there’s a video where he actually did that and it’s pretty funny but it was made back quite a few years ago), but sadly the drama of youtube has gotten to him and he won’t be participating anymore. Oh well, everyone has different levels of drama that they can appreciate… I’d still like to see a drag makeup look from him though. Maybe he’ll at least post on the channel. Stay tuned!!!

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