Youtube Channel 8 Passengers Mom Ruby Franke Wants To “Validate” Our Anger 

8 passengers Mom Ruby Franke went to IG Live to tell us that she would love to validate our anger and she sees why we’re upset. I’m glad that she can see that because everyone and their brother has been cancelling her for taking away her 15 year old son Chad’s bedroom and bed and making him sleep on a beanbag chair in the floor for 8 months and also starving her 5 year old daughter because said 5 year old forgot to pack her own lunch (she’s 5 guys), but at the same time she also says that she is deleting comments having to do with people’s reactions to this story, but rest assured it’s not because she hates us or anything.

She went on to make another video on IG LIve later saying that mental health professionals actually ‘counseled them’ to inflict these types of punishments because they were having behavioral and emotional problems with their children long before they started youtube. Okay, I don’t know what sort of counselors they’re seeing but if these guys are licensed by any state medical board then please, please, please do the rest of the community a favor, out their names and report them because no medical professional in their right mind should be advocating that a 15 year old’s bed and bedroom be taken away from them just for pranking their younger brother.

Youtuber: 8 passenger’s Mom wants to “validate” our anger 

She goes on to say in this video that the family has been accused of abuse for ‘years’. Whoa, red flag. She also goes on to detail that while at this wilderness camp, Anasazi, Chad’s bed was taken away there and says that the place is run by doctors and psychologists and if taking a kid’s bed away is psychologically damaging then they wouldn’t have done it. Hate to tell you lady, but just because it’s done by a medical professional doesn’t mean that it’s always okay. Also she says that she thinks most of the people who are upset are teenagers… teenagers. Really. Last time I checked I was not a teenager, nor are any of the other people that I’ve seen that are reacting to this situation.

They go on to turn the outrage around on the people who are calling them out and asking them, “What does it say about you that you are so triggered by the way that we parent?” I don’t know I think it says that these people are good people with a good compass of right and wrong and when to let up on a child and realize that kids are kids and they’re going to make mistakes as they grow up, not grow up to become perfect little robots who do exactly as Mommy and Daddy say.She and her husband delusionally say that this is just their way of teaching their children responsibility and making them into productive members of society… then she concludes the vlog by saying not to be scared your kids. I beg to differ, treating your child with respect is not being scared of them, it’s teaching them a valuable lesson in empathy.

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