Bravo ‘Real Housewives’ Spoilers: Andy Cohen Shares Updates

Bravo ‘Real Housewives’ spoilers finds that we have heard a lot of rumors going around about the new seasons. Because of COVID-19, we have seen reunions go from personal to virtual and we are unsure of what to expect next. Andy Cohen took the time to talk to fans about what is next for the housewife shows.

Andy decided to chat with ET about what is going on with all of the shows this season. With the global pandemic, travel and being all together in a small space isn’t the best idea for the cast and crew members. Not only did he touch on that, he also gave away some pretty good details as to what we should expect next.

Bravo ‘Real Housewives’ Spoilers: Andy Shares Some Info

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he said, “Brandi makes her first appearance at episode 10. I think what’s great about the show this season is, I know a lot of Lisa Vanderpump’s fans don’t like that –they felt like she was kind of the focus of a lot of drama that they didn’t want her to be involved in. So, I think it’s great that the women were able to move in their own directions and they’re certainly a group of MVPs, and there’s a lot going on this season without Lisa, and you know, it’s great. It’s a whole energized show and people are really loving it and the ratings are up.”

When Andy talked about the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we knew some drama would come out. He did talk about the reunion episodes. “The weird thing is, NeNe was coming into the reunion in such a great place. She has such a great second half of the season. She made amends to everybody. She has a great song out, so she came into the reunion in a really great place. I think, but didn’t enjoy it. I was surprised at just how entertaining it was. That reunion is really just of this moment that we’re all in right now. I mean it was-it is just very much of this moment. I’m very proud of it and excited that we did it.”

What fans really wanted to know about was the show that have yet to premiere and what is happening with them. “Dallas was just about to shoot, Jersey had just started shooting, so there’s obviously been a pause. O.C. was kinda in the middle of their season almost, so there’s been a pause. They’ve been shooting some stuff themselves, and we’re anxious to start getting them all back together, obviously, but we have to wait and respectfully watch and see when it’s safe enough to do it.” We are glad that the cast and crews are staying safe and we will keep you updated on when the new shows premiere.

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