Bravo ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Spoilers: NeNe Leakes Says Show is Bad for Her Mental Health

Bravo ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ spoilers finds that NeNe Leakes is one of the most popular housewives on Bravo’s hit series. She has been on the season for a few seasons now and to fans, it looks like she runs the show. After many years of being on the show, she told fans that it is starting to wear on her mental health. She “isn’t sure she can take any more of the popular series.” Uh oh! Is there trouble in paradise? We have the story for you here.

Bravo ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Spoilers: Leaks Talks to Fans and Expressing her Personal Feelings

NeNe has been a boss babe on the show since the beginning. She has starred in television shows and movies since getting onto the show and she has created an empire for herself. She is concerned about the show because it is starting to affect her on another level, a more personal level. “It is messing up my mental space…The only way that I see myself coming back is if I’m treated the proper way. I feel like it’s very unfair and I feel production has a lot to do with that.”

Bravo ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Spoilers: NeNe Leaks Says Show is Bad for Her Mental Health

The production isn’t the only thing that NeNe doesn’t like about the show. She says that there are now cast members that are ganging up on her. Porsha Williams is the only exception, according to Leaks. We saw a little bit of this during the reunion episode this past week. NeNe got so frustrated with Kenya Moore that she had to close her laptop in order to maintain her temperament. She actually ended up not coming back to the reunion either. She went off camera and then she called Porsha.

“When I closed the computer and they ended up going to lunch break, I called Porsha. That was the first time we talk about it. I called her and I said, ‘Porsah, I gotta tell you, girl, you are in there, you are killing it. When we go back, you just sit back and be quiet and let me take it from there.’ We decided we’re gonna tag team their a** and let’s go! And I think the people were here for the tag team.”

For fans of the show, they will see more of NeNe on the next reunion episode. She will go against Kandi Burruss. These two haven’t been at odds all season, but now that some new drama is coming up, Kandi and NeNe will start some crazy drama. Be sure to tune into the reunion episode part two on Bravo.

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