Youtuber Jeffree Star Releases Cremated Palette & Collection As Part of Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star has released his new pallette, called “Cremated”. It was due to be out earlier in the spring but unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the fact that a lot of manufacturers had to shut down for awhile due to this virus, the palette was on delay. However now, things are starting to open back up (we’ll see how that goes) and things are getting released. Cool! However can we just talk about the table that Jeffree had in that video for just a second? Where on earth did he get that? I cannot find that a wayfair anywhere.

Jeffree (Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.) says that with this palette he was kind of going back to his roots. Back when he was in high school he used to do a lot of gothic looks. Also, back in the MySpace days Jeffree’s style was very gothic and he did a lot of photoshoots in the style way back in the day. (Circa 2007, I do believe? Hah, I was not a big MySpace user back in the day so I don’t know.) He also says that this collection will be a bit more ‘pared down’ than his usual collections, there are four lipglosses, a few makeup bags, a cremated straw set, and then there is the palette. I don’t know, Jeffree, sounds pretty luxe to me!

Jeffree Starhas released his new pallette, called “Cremated”

On the palette itself is a greyscale picture of Jeffree looking fierce, this is the first time he’s made this move in the history of Jeffree Star cosmetics and he’s had the company for five years. The palette has no words on it or anything, just a picture of Jeffree in absolutely stunning makeup done by Lipstick Nick complete with black swaroski crystals. The palette itself is what Jeffree calls “gothic neutrals” and it consists of a lot of black, grey, and white in various shades. Just from first glance, the shimmer shades look fabulous and the matte shades are poppin’ as well. I myself am not that much of a smokey eye person, but if I was, I’d definitely be looking into this palette.

At one point during the video, Jeffree details of how originally his plan was to go to college to become a mortician and put makeup on dead people but that is when MySpace happened and changed his life forever. He also goes briefly into the fact that his Dad was a gravedigger for a year when he was younger. There’s one color in the palette called “Afterlife”, the description of which made me laugh, Jeffree said that he saw it as a ‘wedding-y’ color which is just hilarious because if you’ve ever seen the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces you’ll know that the English Professor said of Fairy Tales that “Happily Ever After” usually was symbolic of death in fairy tales. (Ooh there’s a dark ending for you!) He even named a shade in the palette named after his dog, “Diamond Ashes” which I thought was really sweet since he lost Diamond last year.

He said that the photoshoot for the palette took place the day before Quarantine! Wow. And that right now, the palette is only available on his website only. He also demonstrated the lipgloss colors, which, let’s face it, I’m here for. There was one called “six feet under” which was a gray color that he put over his solid black liquid lipstick called “weirdo” that looked amazing and was demonstrated by his friend Vick in the video and that combination together was all kinds of gorgeous, Kylie Jenner who?! He also has white and black marble makeup bags (the black marble one might find its way home with me, I’m just saying) and even a metal straw set that is in, you guessed it – greyscale! What will he think of next? Stay tuned!!!

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