Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: Did Harry Jowsey and Madison Wyborny Date After the Show?

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ spoilers finds that we saw Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago make their relationship work. These two learned more than anyone on the show and they may be getting married soon. There have been some rumors though about what happened after the show ended. One of these rumors is that when the show as over, Harry actually had a secret. He has a girlfriend on the side that was not Francesca!

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: What Was Harry’s Big Secret?

There was a lot of drama on the show between Harry and Francesca and it seems that there was more after the show ended. Could this have been the reason that they broke up for a little while? We think so. Harry and Francesca mentioned that they took a break from one another for about eight months. It seems that during that eight months, Madison Wyborny and Harry had a little thing.

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: Did Harry Jowsey and Madison Wyborny Date After the Show?

Harry decided to slid into her Dm’s. We haven’t gotten confirmation, but most of the rumors say that Harry was still with Francesca at the time, but they were having a break from one another. He told her that he would like to be friends and try to form a stronger bond since they didn’t really have much time together on the show since he was with Francesca.She does live in LA and he is there now, so he thought it would be fun to get to know her more and hang out. As soon as he was single though, the friendship was a little bit more!

They dated for a little while during his break from Francesca,but it didn’t work out with them. Madison did come onto the show late and didn’t have much time to form the bonds that all of the others did with one another. Because she didn’t really try to form bonds, she was kicked off the show by the host, Lana because Lana felt there was no commitment from her to change her life or herself. Madison was on the reunion episode, but did not have much to say and was not asked any questions. Most of the show did focus on Harry and Francesca.

We do know that Harry and Fran are still going strong and the two of them want to move in together. We are not sure if she will move to California or if he will move to Canada. You can check out their Instagram accounts and see just what they are up to during the quarantine.

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