Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’: Francesca Farago Starts a New Bikini Line!

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ spoilers finds that we got to see just what Francesca Farago was all about. She came on as a hot and sexy single and left the show in love and cuddled up with Harry Jowsey. They may have broken the rules and been nominated as the horniest couple on the show, but they made it and now they are both as famous as ever.  So much so that Franke decided to start her own line of bikinis.

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: Skimpy Swimwear For All

Too Hot To Handle was filled with women in their very slinky swimwear, so why not make some money off of it? That’s exactly what Frankie is doing. Her new bikini line is called Farago the Label. So far the website has a few styles and is made in Brazil. The bikinis are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. So Frankie is doing her part to help mother earth.

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: Francesca Farago’s New Bikini Line

She said, “It took months and months of research. I really wanted to find an eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan company to produce my swimwear for me.” On her website, the about page says the following, “Our swimwear is created using seamless, circular-knitted fabric produced with biodegradable nylon. It offers unparalleled light compression and support, with a visually smooth elasticized structure that looks and feels amazing on your skin. The fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. We are part of a new generation of sustainable yarns, manufactured using an environmentally friendly process, which looks good on you and lets you feel good about your fashion choices.We partnered with a Peta-Approved vegan, exclusive Brazilian swimwear manufacturer, specialized in private label.We support the Fashion Revolution Movement and use only premium cruelty-free high quality textiles. We believe in zero waste; leftover fabrics are turned into beds for animals and donated to local shelters.All of our pieces are proudly handmade in Brazil.”

We truly hope that Francesca finds a lot of success with her swimwear line. There have been some fans of the show that think there was too much emphasis on being sexy and skinny and they think that this line of swimwear does the same thing. To each his own. Perhaps Fran’s company will start making other styles and sizes for every size. If you want to check out her bikinis, here website is easy to find and you can also follow her on Instagram, along with Harry and the rest of the cast of Too Hot To Handle.

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