Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Say Goodbye, Mia? Or Not…

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ spoilers find that now that we’ve time-traveled a bit into the history of some of the Shaker Heights characters, we now go back to the present. Brian Harlins (Stevonte Hart) is breaking up with Lexie Richardson (Jade Pettyjohn), not because she aborted his child, but because she “stole a black girls’ story” for her Yale acceptance letter and she doesn’t get why that is so bad. If that were the only issue at hand, then you’d have to admire Brian’s integrity but considering what Lexie just went through (granted, of her own choice) it comes at the worst possible time.

We also get to delve into what’s been eating Izzy Richardson (Megan Stott) for all this time. We go back to the summer of 1997 to their first high school party where some might argue that Izzy is starting to “question” her sexuality with her former best friend with whom she has been at odds with all season. Honestly, though, I would not say that Izzy is questioning, I would say that Izzy is already well on her way to being out and proud. She and her bestie have made out before, just not with their classmates outside the door. This is that infamous high school game of 7 minutes in heaven and the guys are egging it on because they want to see two girls make out as long as, you know, they aren’t “actually queer”. (Ah the 90’s… I do not miss the insensitive high schoolers one bit.) Izzy convinces her friend to go for it and then as the door is opened and they are exposed, bestie jumps up and cries wolf on Izzy saying that she was molesting her when that was clearly not the case. This was one of the grossest demonstrations of social homicide I’ve ever seen. So there goes Izzy’s rep!

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Say Goodbye, Mia? Or Not…

Okay, that established we fast forward to the present day and it’s a few weeks before the family house fire. Izzy and her bestie, April, kind of makeup, and Izzy wants to make an art project using April’s cabbage patch dolls as a statement on the trial. Of course, this makes people uncomfortable and again, poor Izzy is burnt at the Shaker Heights stake for it because everyone in this town tends to view people who call you out on things as villains. Izzy was just simply pointing out how in the eyes of the law, it would seem that some races are more valuable than others.

Poor Izzy isn’t helped by the fact that Mom Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon) views everything she does as an attack against her, or her values, or some other sort of personal jab. Elena doesn’t really take the time to give Izzy a break and appreciate her for who she truly is, and it shows when she forces her into a dress and tells her just how hard it is to be her parents. Man, Elena, that kid has got one hell of a therapy bill coming your way.

Mia Warren (Kerry Washington) has a stand off with Elena in the courthouse bathroom at the trial of Bebe Chow (Lu Huang), Mia is to be a character witness for Bebe and argues that the abandonment of her child might be due to post-partum depression, but Elena shakes her up by telling her that she has met the Ryans and Mia’s parents and that if she takes the stand she will reveal all of that if she takes the stand for Bebe. Not to mention daughter Pearl Warren (Lexie Underwood) has now found out from Tripp Richardson (Jordan Elsass) has informed Pearl that Mia sold the photo and that is how she is paying for Bebe’s legal fees, resulting in some mucho contention between Mom and daughter there. Oof!

Elena only ramps this up by proceeding to tell Pearl in the kitchen about everything she found out about her Dad. Of course, that’s the assumption. We don’t really know that’s what happened, we only get a hint from Elena’s epic staredown at Mia that she gives her in the end that she’s the one that has landed the fatal blow. Or has she? I don’t know, Mia’s not the one who ended the series with a pile of charcoal for a house so who knows? Stay tuned!!!

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