Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Baby Drama Involving Mia Warren (Kerry Washington, Bebe Chow (Lu Huang), Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon) & Linda McCoullough (Rosemarie DeWitt)!

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ spoilers episode four finds that of course we’re drawn in by the whole baby mama drama involving Mia Warren (Kerry Washington), Bebe Chow (Lu Huang), Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon), and Linda McCoullough (Rosemarie DeWitt). Linda is paranoid after losing a lot of her own biological kids due to miscarriages, and understandably so. She doesn’t want to lose little Mirabelle, a child that she has come to know and love as her own child after Mom Bebe abandoned her at a fire station when she did not have enough funds to feed the baby. Apparently Bebe was under the impression that she could always get her baby back, but when a child is abandoned that is not often the case. Any time DHR is involved in a child case, that complicates things and poor Bebe was not educated enough in the ways of the American legal system to realize that.

Mia wanted to do the right thing by getting Bebe the money to pay for her legal bills and actually fight for her daughter back. The thing is, the only piece she had that was worth anything at the time was the one she never wanted to sell and it was hanging above her fireplace. The way she talked about it, clearly it meant a lot to her and we can definitely see why. But in the end she bites the bullet and does what is right for Bebe because she wants to give her the same choice that she had.. oops, have I said too much?

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: This ain’t sexy, it’s an arms race

All that aside however can we just talk about how over eager these kids are to just get it on? Geeze! Okay I kind of got Brian Harlins (Stevonte Hart) and Lexi Rivhardson’s (Jade Pettyjohn) deal because they were 17 and they were seniors on prom night but as for Pearl Warren (Lexi Underwood) and Tripp Richardson (Jordan Elsass) it just seemed kind of rushed. Granted, when you’re that young it often kind of is, but still. I felt bad for Pearl. She deserved a way better first time than that and instead she got Tripp who… shall we just say… lost his smolder, kind of early. Ahem. Even so, Tripp felt bad about the whole deal because he knew that his brother Moody Richardson (Gavin Lewis) liked her but made the move anyway? Sorry, but I don’t buy Tripp’s guilt, especially when he previously gave Moody advice that pretty much makes him an incel. I mean, what was the deal with that, Tripp? Geeze.

It ends with Elena firing Mia because she found out about Mia helping Bebe in her quest to get her daughter back. Since Elena thought she was doing her a favor she no longer trusted her as a friend but Mia was quick to burn her buying saying that “White Women always want to be friends with their maids.” geeze, somebody rush Elena to the burn unit on that one! Also, what is the deal with Izzy Richardson (Megan Stott) hah, excuse me, Isabelle? Stay tuned!!!

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