ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Kaitlyn Bristowe Opens Up About Addiction

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ spoilers finds that you may remembers Kaitlyn Bristowe. She also has her own podcast, where she chats with other former Bachelor Nation cast members. Bristowe is known for talking…a lot about herself and her past. Now she has started it again and this time, she shares more about her previous addictions.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Bristowe’s Bachelor Season

Bristowe was on the season of the Bachelor with Chris Soules. She showed everyone on the show her sense of humor, but she also got really emotional on the show and showed that she was more sensitive than people once thought. Then she was on the Bachelorette the next season. Being on these shows led her to her podcast, Off The Vine. Now, she is spilling even more tea on her YouTube show called 9 to Wine.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Kaitlyn Bristowe Opens Up About Addiction

In the first episode of her new show, she told her fans that she had been called a “drama queen” since she could remember. She even said she knew she would do great things throughout her life. She worked as a waitress and wanted to be a dancer, while living in Vancouver. She tried hard to become a dancer and things changed in her life when she got offered the job as a dancer for the Canadian Football League. She thought this was her peak time in her life, but things just got worse when she began the job.

She met a hockey player and gave up this new job. She moved away from everyone for love. “I didn’t realize I was a hopeless romantic that would do anything for love. That’s what got me onto the Bachelor, maybe that was my path and I didn’t even know it yet.” Her boyfriend ended up signing for a team in Germany and she moved there with him too. “Everything in me told me to follow my heart…but a small part of me was dying everyday that I wasn’t doing what I loved to do. And I think it was really hard for me and I think that would be really hard for anyone to lose that part of passion in your life, just to follow somebody else’s dream.”

They did break up and that led her into a depression. She wasn’t excited about life anymore and felt like she had nothing. “I’ve given up all my hopes and dreams and that the love of my life has now gone. I was placed on Valium and I was unaware of what it would do to me.” I had become addicted to Valium and I was about 93 pounds and that is when somebody had to share me and say ‘you can’t live like this, this is not you.’ I’ll never forget my mom coming into my room in the middle of the night with YouTube videos of hypnotism.” At the end of this episode, Kaitlyn said, “You cannot make somebody else responsible for your own happiness.”

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