ABC The Bachelor Spoilers: Chris Harrison Slams Peter Weber!

ABC The Bachelor spoilers finds that Chris Harrison, the host of the shows, has been talking a lot to fans about previous cast members. He decided to share with us all how this journey of Peter Weber has changed how he thinks about him. He did a virtual interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show and wasn’t afraid to spill the beans. He also pointed out that Weber is not the only one who made him want to scream.

ABC The Bachelor Spoilers: Harrison Spills the Tea

When Kelly asked Chris about the cast members that made him want to scream, he said, “Gosh, I don’t know if there’s anyone on the show that I haven’t wanted to do that. I mean, even this last season with Peter, I wanted to just grab him by the shirt collars and be like, ‘Come on, man. Pull it together. Because he was a mess coming down the stretch.” Chris really surprised Kelly, but then he added even more to it. “Colton obviously, jumping the fence and running away from me in the Portuguese countryside. So yeah, and even Hannah Brown and I had our moments.”

ABC The Bachelor Spoilers: Chris Harrison Slams Peter Weber

He admits that this just seems like part of the role of host that he has. “So, I think probably with every Bachelor and Bachelorette, there is that moment where they want to scream at me-and sometimes they do-and then I want to yell at them.” He said that these moments don’t make him dislike doing these shows though. He enjoys his job and loves to give guidance when he can.

“Honestly, I do get involved in these people’s lives and I do care about them. I think when you do love people, it’s not that you abuse them, that’s not love, but I think you do have those heated moments where you’re really telling the truth.” He did say that there was one that he never clicked with though. “Really, the only one I think I had a hard time getting along with was Charlie O’Connell back in the day. We didn’t dislike each other at all. It just didn’t blend. That’s bound to happen after 18 years and dozens of people. You get along with some better than others.”

We think that it is great how Harrison is able to share this with his fans. Viewers have been tuned in for his new show, The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart. You can check it out on ABC on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.

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