ABC ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart’ Spoilers: Sheridan Reed Says No Second Chances

Bachelor Nation was crushed when Julia Rae dumped Sheridan Reed on the Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. When the show began, these two really had a deep connection. He was head over heels for her, but she was looking for something else. It took a couple switching even to put Julia with Brandon and that left Sheridan with Savannah McKinley. Julia told Sheridan that they were done, crushing him. Don’t worry, Julia and Brandon were eliminating that same episode and that led Sheridan to wonder what was next for him. Fans continue to ask if he will give her a second chance, but he says that he will not.

ABC ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart’ Spoilers: Sheridan Speaks Out About Julia

When the show ended for Julia and Sheridan, there were rumors that the two were still talking, but when Julia spoke out to fans, the rumors were put to rest quickly. Julia said, I understand why he probably doesn’t want to talk to me right now. I can totally get that but I’m hopeful for sure.” Sheridan opened up more as well. “Watching the breakup was definitely hard. That entire situation made it feel like, again, second choice a little bit. I’m not going to be somebody’s second choice. Which, since the show she’s tried to tell me which I’m like, ‘No, obviously I was in this situation.'”

ABC ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart’ Spoilers: Sheridan Reed Says No Second Chances

Sheridan told fans about two specific moments on the show when he knew the decision was there. “In episode two, in the interview where Julia talks about essentially about wanting Brandon’s rose or leaning towards him essentially, that was very much news to me.And after our performance where she said she was still wondering how Brandon was feeling;that stung especially, because that was at the peak of how well we were doing. At that point, she was still  thinking about somebody else, that’s clear.”

Sheridan has spoken to his followers on Instagram and asked them to leave her alone. He is over it and they should get over it too. Julia is still getting a lot of backlash about the show. He reached out to her a few days ago to let her know he has her back. “Just to let her know that I was going to be addressing a lot of the bullying that she’s been dealing with and death threats and stuff. That’s a bit too much. It’s not OK and I even posted about it in my Instagram earlier this week. I appreciate the support, but I don’t want it at the expense of somebody else.”

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