Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Big Flaming Racism

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ spoilers is starring Reese Witherspoon and is quite a trip, let me tell ya. It’s set in a town called Shaker, this impossibly perfect, predominantly white town where everything is about to be turned on its ear by Izzy Richardson (Megan Stott) much to the chagrin of her Mom, Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon). At first glance, Izzy is your typical late 90’s rebellious teen but there’s something eating her.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: The haves

When we first meet the Richardsons they are standing outside the remnants of their burnt house, which is apparently something Izzy did but, like a lot of families, with troubled kids they are too busy trying to keep her out of trouble and trying to save face than wanting the kid to pay for her crime. But whatever, I guess we’ll get to that later, it’s not really explained in the first episode other than Izzy has a fascination with all things flamey… and this includes setting her hair on fire.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: The have nots-so-much

But that not withstanding, we also get to meet Mia Warren (Kerry Washington) and her daughter, Pearl Warren (Lexi Underwood) who have just moved to Shaker. Mia is an artist who seems to be a bit of a free spirit, she and Pearl are actually homeless but Mia does a good job of hiding this fact. When they have had homes, Pearl has only been able to paint one wall in all of her rooms in all of her time being alive. This time she wanted Cerulean blue and she got Moody Richardson (Gavin Lewis) to help her.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Clash of the cultures

The culture clash between these two families is epic, and very well done. The Richardsons are your typical, white, upper middle class family with a McMansion that at first glance doesn’t seem to have too many problems except for maybe the fact that literally everything in their life is planned down to the very moment. Whereas the Warrens are a very non-nuclear family unit consisting of just Mia and Pearl, who have, from the looks of it, never truly had a stable home.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Before the world was woke

When Elena notices that Mia is working at a chinese resteraunt a couple nights a week she offers her a job as a housekeeper, or in her words, “a house manager” which Mia takes great offense to. As someone who grew up living in the south, this made me cringe so hard. This smacks heavily of early 60’s southern racism. Not the overt kind, but that quiet level of superiority that still exists today, the kind that masks itself as help when it’s actually just judgement for someone else’s way of life. Shaker is set in Ohio, so I’m not sure if it’s still that way today but apparently this was a thing in 1997.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: A better way? Or just another gilded cage?

It’s clear that Pearl, Mia’s daughter, has a taste for this finer, priveleged way of living and wants to join in. She’s 15 and just at the age where her head is easily turned. Which is especially troubling to Mia, considering she lets Moody Richardson, her new friend, talk her into trespassing on what originally looks to be abandoned property. Mia gets all bent out of shape and makes it a point to illustrate to Pearl how they are not like the Richardsons, and how white privelege is on the Richardsons’ side while it is not on theirs. Can we just have a round of applause for little Lexi Underwood’s performance as Pearl here? I mean, she really sell it, how tired she is of moving around and how all she wants is a stable home environment for once. You have to really feel for Pearl in this moment, and that’s all thanks to Lexi.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Succumbing to normalcy

After that heated exchange, Mia is the one to re-approach Elena’s offer of becoming her ‘house manager’, simply because she wants a better life for Pearl, and I guess after you get accused by your own daughter of not putting her first, then something has to break somewhere. There is also a weird little snippet of someone standing outside Izzy’s room at the Richardson’s but it’s never really elaborated on who it is. I wondered if it was Bill Richardson (Joshua Jackson) simply because he seems oddly unbothered about Izzy’s behavior and doesn’t want to send her to therapy which seems a bit suspicous in my mind considering her current fascination with fire. She was even holding her hand over the flame in a parting shot. Speaking of Bill, he finally gets to get some from his wife because it’s Saturday now and when I say that everything in their life is planned down to the minute? I am not kidding, yes, ladies and gentlemen, sex too! So far this is an intriguing series, I’m not sure where it’s going though. Stay tuned!!!

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