NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith Exit DOOL – What You Need To Know

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers is saying that Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny Kiriakis on ‘Days of Our Lives’ just recently posted a podcast on his youtube talking to Chandler Massey who plays Will Horton, on the show and things are not looking good in regards to their character. Of course, they couldn’t speculate or spoil the actual plot (DARN!) for the audience and because there are those pesky things called NDRS that actors sign when they are working on projects that prevent them from doing such things but they said that they were both shocked and kind of hurt that the S.S. WilSon ship ran aground so abruptly.

They each said that they got a script for like, six shooting days apiece and they kind of got a bad feeling. With each passing day, the plot seemed to go further south for WilSon. Finally, Freddie was the one who bit the bullet and asked the Producer what was going on and he was the one that got the news first and told Chandler. There was no previous warning given, no letter, no anything, They just seemingly got the news during production one day that their characters were written out of the show.

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith Exit DOOL – What You Need To Know

Freddie says he’s not harboring and bad feelings towards, who he calls, the people who could have told him, but he said it definitely made things awkward on the set, and rightfully so. They’ve been with DOOL for a decade, so it looks like someone could have at least sent an email or a text message to let them know that their characters had been written out of the storyline. It’s just bad form not to give an employee advance notice that they’re being let go unless they’re actually being fired for disciplinary reasons, and from the story, they tell there is nothing to indicate that there would be a disciplinary reason.

They discussed production costs on the show and said that they were the two actors that went straight to tape the most often. If they had 5-6 scenes together at 2-3 minutes apiece that would be 20 minutes and usually, they would only get one rehearsal and then it would go straight to tape, meaning, they would film directly afterward. They said there were so many times that their scenes went straight to tape post-rehearsal that they saved the production thousands of dollars. Just from a financial standpoint, I’d rather keep two very good actors who could save my production money than let them go and possibly never get them back but I suppose that’s just my own sentiment talking.

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chandler Massey

Massey says that he’s in an accelerated stage of grief, and you could hear it from the emotion in his voice on the podcast. They also touched briefly on the fact that they were part of a groundbreaking storyline and were the first male-male super couple that had the first male-male wedding on daytime television. They also touched on some missed opportunities they felt they had on DOOL, namely, both Smith and Massey wanted to see Sonny embrace his Kiriakis blood and really go cutthroat. Which, I agree, could have been very interesting. They also touched on the fact that it seemed that no one really knew how to write a gay character who was, well, evil.

“It’s always something happening to Sonny, or to Will, how will they handle it, will it break them up?” they lamented the fact that the depths of their characters truly didn’t feel explored and now it looks like they won’t be.

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Freddie Smith

I for one am sad to see the SS WilSon sink because I always enjoyed Sonny and Will’s times on-screen together. Most recently when Kristen DiMera (Stacey Haiduk) was roaming around town dressed as Susan Banks (Stacey Haiduk) the most hilarious scene that I can recall is when they both dived for ‘Susan’s’ purse in order to search it. Sonny initially had misgivings saying something to the fact that his mother always taught him never to look inside a woman’s purse, to which Will responded without missing a beat, “Yeah well, my Mother was Sami Brady.” which summed up about 20 years in one sentence, it was hilarious! And the look right before they both made the dive? Priceless!

When asked if there was any chance of Will and Sonny returning and potentially expanding their story any, the possibilities were left at ‘unknown’ at this time because the way the exit happened didn’t really give a here nor there answer to any future possibilities. For now, we’ll say no. However, they did say that they would love to continue the WilSon story on any sort of streaming platform. They hinted at a possible upcoming streaming platform… just for soaps? Really? Sign me up!!! But until that happens don’t forget to stay tuned!!!

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