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Daily Soap Dish

Daily Soap Dish is a website dedicated to the 4 major American Soap Opera. You will find the latest news on your favourite Soap actors, up-to-date spoilers, videos and much more on our site. We offer engaging content that sparks thought and discussion on the latest twist and turns in the Soap Opera world as well as in the lives of Soap actors, and we all know that some of our favourite characters on screen can bring just as much heat off screen!

Daniel Babis

Editor-in-Chief and Founder

Daniel Babis has been a Soap Opera aficionado since he used to watch Soaps as a kid with his mom. Back then, it was pretty much the Young and the Restless all the time but he enjoys the different facets and intrigues of all Soap Opera. He has a degree in Economics and is fluent in 3 languages, maybe even more. He now has the privilege to write about them and share his unique and insightful insights with the Soap audience at large. “Life is nothing but one big fat Soap Opera” is his famous quote. When he’s not scouring the internet and binge-watching his favourite Soaps, you can find him teaching his 3 daughters how to feed elephants in the mountains of Thailand or eating rotating sushi at a whole-in-the-wall restaurant in Tokyo.