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TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Christine Brown Says Goodbye to The Family

On Sister Wives, Christine Brown made her choice to leave Kody Brown and their plural marriage. She has gotten a lot of backlash from the family and emotions are running high for everyone. She wanted to have a final gathering so that she could say goodbye to them all, but Kody’s attitude at the gathering is not so comforting. In fact, he says something that shocks everyone.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Comment

Everyone in the Brown family has had a difficult time with the changes that are coming their way. Christine made the announcement after being married to Kody for over 25 years. They were never legally married, but they were spiritually married in the eyes of their church.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Says Goodbye to The Family

Christine told Kody that she was moving back to Utah, where her family is, and she was going to take their youngest daughter, Truely with her. They have six kids together, but they are much older. She has told her fans that she doesn’t regret the decision to leave Kody, but she does seem to get pretty emotional still when she talks about it.

Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown have had a hard time with her leaving, but it seems that Kody is downright bitter with Christine at this point. As the family gathers to say their goodbyes and share memories, Kody tells Christine that he never wants to see her again. Chrsitine’s emotions are running high when she tells the other wives her final goodbyes.

In the new trailer for the next episode, as they are all at the gathering, Christine is outside of her house in Utah and says, “It’s very apparent how awkward we all are but Janelle and her kids are on one side and Robyn and Kody are on the other. None of us want to be here.”

Then Kody tells the cameras, “I never want to see Christine again.” Of course, his statement shows us all just how he has treated Christine in their marriage and how it seems to be a trend with him to be this rude to her. It is interesting that he tells the cameras that he never wants to see her again, but she is the one that left him,in hopes never to see him again.

Kody is well known for being so negative especially toward his wives and now we can see just how it all goes down at the gathering. Be sure to tune into Sister Wives on TLC on Sunday at 10p.m. EST.

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