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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Angela Deem Knows Michael Ilesanmi Has Been Flirting With Other Women

As soon as 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After cast member, Angela Deem discovered that her husband, Michael Ilesanmi was back on Instagram, she just knew that something was going on. She assumed that he got back on social media so he could flirt with other women, but he told her it is because he wants to be an influencer. She doesn’t believe him at all and now it looks like the truth is coming out.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After – The Truth Comes Out

When Angela found out about Michael’s Instagram account, she confronted him and he told her that he would take it down if she gave him $5,000. Of course, that sent her over the edge and that was when she decided that she needed to fly to Nigeria and surprise Michael.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After – Angela Deem Knows Michael Ilesanmi Has Been Flirting With Other Women

On the last episode of the show, Angela told the cameras, “Last night, Michael lied to me. He told me he’d take his Instagram down just to have sex with me. And now he’s lying again, saying he’s not flirting with women online when I know he is.”

Angela thinks that Michael blocked her on Instagram so he could talk to other women on the social media platform. He told Angela that it was pretty unfair that he is being made to take down his Instagram account when all he wanted to do was use it for making money. Now it looks as if Angela has been “pushed over the top” on this one.

Michael told Angela, “I’m very loyal here, I let everybody know I’m married. I know I’ve done wrong in the past…” Angela continued and called Michael a scammer and told him that he was just using her to get a green card and that he is an opportunity. Then she told him, “I’m divorcing you.” She then told the cameras, “When you give all you can give, something in your soul tells you, ‘Throw in the towel. There’s nothing more you can do.’ I’ve always forgiven Michael and taken him back. Maybe I’m part of the problem as well. Maybe I’m the reason he keeps doing what he’s doing, because I never, ever leave him.”

Of course, with divorce on her mind, now it seems as if she is really thinking about her friend, Billy in Canada. She told the cameras, “He doesn’t try to change me. He accepts me for who I am. That’s what I thought my husband did, but obviously, he hasn’t and he’s not going to.”

Michael told the cameras, “If this is the end of my marriage, which I pray not, I will feel so unhappy, you know? Angela is a part of my life and I really love her, but either I choose her, or I don’t have any say in this marriage. I don’t know. I’ll pray over it. It’s only divine intervention that can take place to make this marriage work now.”

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