My 600-Lb Life: Fans Shocked At How David Vito Nelson Looks These Days

Viewers of My 600-Lb Life are constantly cheering for the cast members to meet their goals when they begin their weight loss journey. Many cast members are motivated enough to lose weight and keep it off, but there are others who have the motivation at the beginning but run out of steam after discovering how hard this is on them.

One of Dr. Now’s patients, David Vito Nelson is one patient who tried his best to lose weight so that he could qualify for weight loss surgery. Fans have started to find him on his Instagram account and what they saw was shocking.

My 600-Lb Life: David’s Transformation

When David appeared on the show he weighed 820 pounds and he was very concerned about his health. He was living in Idaho at the time of the show and knew that Dr. Now could help him. His day-to-day routine consisted of watching TV and eating and then sleeping.

My 600-Lb Life: Fans Shocked At How David Vito Nelson Looks These Days

He was driving trucks but ended up getting a very bad infection that put him in the hospital for two months. He also suffered from severe back problems and which also caused him to restrict his movement. This, as well as overeating, caused him to become very obese.

When we were introduced to David’s foster mother, she really did downplay the amount of food he was eating. She did tell the cameras that all of his money was spent on food. David did end up relocating so that he could get more help from Dr. Now.

My 600-Lb Life: Where is David Today?

David ended up losing a lot of weight on the show and did finally qualify for weight loss surgery. Now that fans have found him on social media, they are thrilled with what they see! He is sticking to his diet and exercise and he had to cancel his surgery but is still working on getting it soon enough. His goal is to get down to 600 pounds and it looks as if he has exceeded that goal.

His fans cheered him on in the comments. One wrote, “You’re doing so good!! I just watched your episode last week. You’ve come a really long way, bravo!!” David has been sharing posts about his workouts and going to the gym. He has gotten a lot of support on social media and we are very happy for him.

You can find David on Instagram and watch his progress as he continues to try to lose more weight and eventually have surgery.

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