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Apple Set To Release Will Smith’s New Project ‘Emancipation’

Apple Set To Release Will Smith’s New Project ‘Emancipation’

Apple Set To Release Will Smith’s New Project ‘Emancipation’

Apple is reportedly set to release Will Smith’s new project ‘Emancipation’ in December 2022. 

Apple Set To Release Will Smith’s New Project ‘Emancipation’

This is a major milestone for the actor since it would be his first project released to the public following the 2022 Oscars slapgate saga. During the course of that process, Will slapped comedian Chris Rock on the basis of his joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss.

That subsequently tarnished Will’s reputation, as his ‘Best Actor Award’ for ‘King Richard’ was overshadowed by a 10-year Oscar ban. But now that some time has passed, it seems the time has come for Will to be put out in the public domain. 

In the trailer here, we can see that this is going to be quite a serious and touching project. The post was captured by the following comments: “An enslaved man embarks on a perilous journey to reunite with his family in this powerful film inspired by a true story.” 

Nevertheless, there are going to be several Factors in judging whether the movie is successful. First of all, it is not exactly clear if the public will have a massive reaction towards the movie. After all, it is no secret that a certain subset have not forgotten what Will had done.

That even includes Chris with claims that he has not reached out to Smith, even following his apology. Secondly, if the movie does end up flopping, then this could be the last that we see of Will. There would not be many directors willing to line up to cast him, while fellow actors may not want to take the risk of having a project with him. 

But when it comes to the director of this movie, Antoine Fuqua, he had nothing but good words to say about Will. His following comments confirmed as much: “Will Smith is a great guy. I was with him for a couple of years, making this movie.

“He is a wonderful person, an amazing partner and he did an amazing job on this movie.” So there you have it folks. What did you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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