’90 Day Fiancé’ UK Spoilers: Can Katie And Alejandro’s Relationship Get Any CUTER?

On 90 day fiancé UK, the couples are decidedly different, and one exception is Katie and Alejandro. Katie is a nurse from the UK who lives with her Grandma (they have the cutest bond) and Alejandro is from Mexico and comes from a very traditional Mexican family whom he still lives with.

Alejandro already visited Katie in the UK, and it seems that he already has Grandma’s blessing to be with her little girl – but it was Katie’s turn to go visiting Alejandro, and her trip there was one of the cutest things we’ve seen on TV in awhile.

’90 Day Fiancé’ UK Spoilers: Can Katie And Alejandro’s Relationship Get Any CUTER?

Even though Alejandro’s family is very traditional, they are very supportive of the relationship. However, they did make it clear that they wanted Katie and Alejandro to receive “God’s blessing” before they moved in together, guess that means no staying in the same room, eh?

It wasn’t that big of an issue, surprisingly, in fact the whole thing was skimmed over! These two seem to have better things to do than argue, one of which is going to the outdoor market in Mexico, which Katie thought was very different from the kinds of markets you would find in the UK.

It would seem that one thing that the UK does have in common with the US is that all the markets are indoors, not outdoors like in Mexico and other countries, and most of the produce is kept chilled, or maybe the latter mostly is an American thing, we’re not sure. Still, it was different, but in a good way. Most Americans would have found something wrong with it, but not Katie, she seems very, very open to her experience in Mexico.

Even when she messed up the language – thankfully no one got offended but the screw-up wasn’t that bad. She thought that when Alejandro was referring to a grapefruit, he was referring to a potato and asked him if he ate cheese on it. That sounds really unappetizing, but thankfully her screw-up was laughed off and it was a funny moment, not a moment wrought with tension. This couple is one that we truly do enjoy watching. Stay tuned!!!

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