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Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: The truth about Valentina is out!




Univision Mujer de Nadie spoilers reveal Lucía Arizmendi Díaz (Livia Brito) will get huge news—and have a lot of regret. Meanwhile, Rafael López Montes (Plutarco Haza) will do his best to keep his secrets. Here’s what you need to know.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Desperation’s not a good look

First, Mujer de Nadie spoilers reveal Rafael is a desperate man. Lucía has been spending a lot of time with Casilda Gómez (María Penella) and the baby. So, obviously, he’s worried about the truth coming out. That’s why he’ll pay off Leonardo (Ignacio Tahhan) to get Casilda and the kid out of Rafael’s way. We think Leonardo might be agreeable, but it won’t do any good.

See, Casilda apparently isn’t impressed by whatever Leonardo might do to win her over. Because of that, she’ll confess their real baby died at birth. He won’t be the only one looking to get on her good side. It seems Alejandra Madrigal de Horta (Azela Robinson) is worried about all those years she put into the club. She’ll want another chance from Casilda and will make it clear the club needs to get back in order.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Confessions

So, what about the person hugely responsible for the baby switch? Now that the truth is out, Isaura Henderson de Arizmendi (Cynthia Klitbo) will be full of explanations. However, we doubt Lucía will believe anything out of Isaura’s mouth. And she shouldn’t. See, she’ll learn that Isaura was to blame for her father’s death and the loss of her house. We’re pretty sure that once Lucía learns that, any possible belief in her stepmother will be over.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Nice try

In other Mujer de Nadie spoilers, Fernando was desperate to keep secrets earlier. Because of this, he’ll try to keep Diego Altamirano (Sergio Bonilla) out of the office. The problem is, it won’t work. Diego and Fernando Ortega Ibarra (Marcus Ornellas) will get access to look for proof of Rafael’s sins. And does he ever have a list!

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Instant regret

Finally, let’s get back to Lucía. She will contact Fernando to tell him what she learned about their daughter. She’ll also have to confess she’s been working alongside a man who helped carry the switch out. So, we’re sure there’s a lot of wounded pride and regret there. As usual, she ended up trusting in the wrong person. Because of all this, she’ll also be full of apologies, which we’re sure he’ll accept.

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