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Univision Los ricos también lloran Spoilers: A promising start, but what’s next?




Univision Los ricos también lloran spoilers reveal a new show premiered on Univision, replacing Mujer de Nadie. Which, by the way, had a bit of a disappointing finale in some respects. But Los Ricos is definitely looking promising. Let’s talk the premiere and what’s next in episode three. Yes, you read that right. They played the first two episodes in a two-hour event.

Los ricos también lloran Spoilers: Based on…

First, Los ricos también lloran spoilers indicate this isn’t a brand-new story. Los ricos también lloran started as a radio novela called Cuando se regala un hijo, which later went through several different versions on TV. Maria la del Barrio is considered the most successful of the variations, and is definitely the one we know the best. But the title comes from the 1979 version and is part of a franchise called Fábrica de sueños.

We don’t know how closely this is going to resemble Maria la del Barrio, but we’re already seeing some signs that it’s already close. As for the original radio title, one of the craziest parts of Maria del Barrio was when María Hernández Rojas De de la Vega (Thalia) had a mental break after being accused of cheating by Luis Fernando de la Vega Montenegro (Fernando Colunga). Because of this, she ended up handing off her newborn baby to a candy seller, Agripina Pérez (Carmen Salinas). Later, she was reunited with her now-teenage son by chance. When the truth about who he was came out, this became a big part of the story and a key to a revenge plot by antagonist Soraya Montenegro de la Vega (Itatí Cantoral). So, we really are low-key hoping this doesn’t get thrown out in this version.

Los ricos también lloran Spoilers: First impressions

We’ll say right off we already this the premiere did better than Mujer de Nadie. Mujer de Nadie’s felt a bit choppy, like it was rushing through things to conclude quickly. Los Ricos, by contrast, felt like it flowed much better and the lead, Mariana Villarreal (Claudia Martín), is already far more engaging. We can’t wait to see the war between her and this version’s Soraya (Fabiola Guajardo).

We’re already liking a couple of the changes from Maria la del Barrio. Instead of being a 15-year-old, Mariana is 18. Which will make a potential romance with Luis Alberto Salvatierra Suárez (Sebastián Rulli) less creepy.

As for Soraya, in the version of the story we know, she was almost obsessively devoted to Luis Fernando, only going after him when she had lost all chance of getting him out of Maria’s arms. In Los Ricos, Soraya is cheating on Luis Alberto, plotting against him with one of the family’s enemies, León Alfaro (Víctor González). We think this will add a lot more to the story, as well as the rivalry to come between her and Mariana.

Another change we loved is how Luis Alberto is being blamed from the death of his brother when they were children. We think this makes the troubles with him and his father, Alberto Salvatierra (Guillermo García Cantú) worse. It also adds a deeper level to Luis Alberto’s irresponsible behavior and vices.

Los ricos también lloran Spoilers: Tonight

Finally, let’s see what’s ahead. Los ricos también lloran spoilers tease León and Soraya are ready to destroy the Salvatiera family. Meanwhile, Mariana will continue to struggle with certain members of Alberto’s family not wanting her around. We’ll also see some consequences to the changes Luis Alberto made is his father’s brief absence from the company. We might also see the first shot in the war between Soraya and Mariana as well.

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