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Zach Shallcross Could Be The Next Lead

‘The Bachelor’: Zach Shallcross Could Be The Next Lead

Zach Shallcross Could Be The Next Lead

Zach Shallcross is reportedly in the running to be the next lead of ‘The Bachelor.’

‘The Bachelor’: Zach Shallcross Could Be The Next Lead

Fans initially came across Zach on ‘The Bachelorette’ during Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season. He quickly resonated with the fan base once it became clear that his uncle was none other than actor Patrick Warburton.

However, he failed to win the ladies over following his date with Rachel on the fantasy suite segment of the show. That is where Zach felt there was not a genuine connection.

In his comments at the time, Zach said: “It was just her and I talking, and it felt like she was just, like, not showing her true self. It was very inauthentic sometimes.”

With that being said, the talk has turned to him being a lead. As of now, it is alleged that Nate Mitchell was also considered. Zach has yet to respond to the speculation which is understandable since there may be an obligation on him to keep things quiet.

Not only that, but the franchise has already confirmed that the next lead of ‘The Bachelor’ will only be confirmed during the last part of the finale of the current season. Nevertheless, that has not stopped the fans on social media from having their say about the matter.

A significant proportion of people were not happy with the prospect of seeing Zach on the show. This was on the basis that they felt he could not commit to women, and in any event, they also shaded him over how he dealt with Rachel.

One person wrote: OMG!! Why do they have these men on who cannot commit? Let’s change the name of the show to “Dating Bachelor No Commitment Show”. I am going to stop watching. This is not a show worth my time watching.”

It is fair to say that Zach has a lot to do to win the public over. So there you have it folks. What did you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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