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'Sister Wives': Kody Brown And Relationship With Meri Brown - Is Meri The Next to Go?

Sister Wives: Fans Concerned that Meri Brown Has Already Left the Marriage

With the new season of Sister Wives here, rumors have started to swirl about another wife leaving the marriage, and this time it seems that fans think Meri Brown has already left the marriage. There has been speculation about Meri leaving for years and in the last season of the show, Kody Brown even told her that he would never be intimate or romantic with her again.

He told her that he wasn’t in love with her anymore and that their marriage was more like a friendship than anything else. With Christine Brown leaving her marriage with Kody, now it looks as if fans are making bets on who is next.

Sister Wives: Will Meri Leave?

Meri married Kody in 1990 and as the first wife, she has seen a lot of changes in their lives. She has one child with Kody and her infertility has come up quite often on the show. In fact, Robyn Brown was slammed once for mocking Meri’s issues with having children.

Sister Wives: Fans Concerned that Meri Brown Has Already Left the Marriage

Meri and Kody did get a legal divorce so that he could marry Robyn and this led many fans to believe that he had already chosen Robyn as her favorite and this divorce is what started all of the issues with Kody and Meri. The couple is still married spiritually, but Meri has pointed out that she doesn’t even feel like she is in a relationship with Kody anymore.

During an anniversary celebration, Meri asked him, “So, like, what are we? And what are we celebrating? It’s just a funny situation, that’s all.” He told her, “True. Is it funny or is it just odd and awkward?” This isn’t the only incident like this on the show and with all of the issues that viewers have seen, they feel as if Meri should be the one who leaves.

Meri’s posts online share that she is pretty dependent on Kody, but she shares very cryptic posts regularly. Her diehard fans want her to leave him, in the same way that Christine did, but Meri continues to try and work on her marriage to Kody.

Why does she push the issue when he has been open about how he doesn’t love her any longer? In her latest post, she told her fans that “there’s so much more to the story.” There are fans that think she is talking about her marriage, but we will just have to see what happens on the new season of Sister Wives. It airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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