Rust Shooting Update: Imminent Charges May Be Coming For Alec Baldwin For His Involvement In The Shooting Onset Of ‘Rust’

Because the D.A. is requesting financial assistance from New Mexico to fund a number of potential prosecutions, Alec Baldwin may be charged with a crime in relation to the fatal shooting in “Rust.”

According to reports, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies submitted an urgent request to the New Mexico Board of Finance last week asking for additional funding to help her office pursue up to four potential criminal cases that could arise from its investigation into the death of Halyna Hutchins.

Charges May Be Coming For Alec Baldwin For His Involvement In The Shooting Onset Of ‘Rust’

Carmack-Altwies received $317,000 in relief, compared to her original request of $635k, which was the amount her office estimated it would cost to handle the potential cases. This means that she only got half of what she had hoped for. Since the D.A. announced that she would be asking for the remaining funds through a special appropriation request, it appears that she may actually require the full sum to file any charges in connection with the fatal incident on the “Rust” set.

Now, even though the D.A. isn’t definite about any potential charges, her office is explicitly stating that Baldwin could be the next to go. According to the documents they submitted, “One of the possible defendants is well-known movie actor Alec Baldwin.”

Although the D.A. told local media that she was looking into all homicide statutes as well as gun statutes under the NM criminal code, it is unclear what charges he (or others) might face. Baldwin has argued that Halyna’s passing was an accident and not at all his fault, deflecting responsibility to other crew members who, in his view, should have checked the gun to make sure it wasn’t loaded and was in working order. He asserts that the gun went off on its own after he pulled back the hammer, not that he pulled the trigger.

According to Carmack-Altwies, if she does indeed file criminal charges, they will be handled in the same way as any other case, including preliminary hearings to determine whether there is even sufficient evidence to move forward.

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