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Prince Andrew Positioned To Step In For King Charles At Any Given Time

Uh-oh. British Royal News suggests that there is a rule that could see Prince Andrew step in for King Charles at any given time. Here’s what you need to know.

According to the royal family’s website (which still needs updating following Queen Elizabeth II’s death), in the event the monarch may be unable to undertake official duties “due to illness of absence abroad, two or more Counselors of State are appointed by Letters Patent to act in [His] Majesty’s place.”

Prince Andrew Positioned To Step In For King Charles At Any Given Time

The five counselors of state include the Sovereign’s spouse and the next four people in the line of succession who are over the age of 21. As it stands, Camilla, Queen Consort, will therefore step in, as well as the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Sussex, The Duke of York and Princess Beatrice.

The order is bound by law, but it is likely the Queen Consort and Prince William will take up royal duties before it reaches both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. While it is unclear whether or not Andrew, in particular, will rejoin the firm under Charles’ rule, the king has already received backlash following the decision Andrew may wear military uniform ahead of the queen’s funeral, while Prince Harry may not.

The Duke of York has since settled a sexual abuse scandal which led to his exit from the firm, while Prince Harry left to start his new life in California with Meghan Markle following constant scrutiny from the press and conflict within the royal family. Buckingham Palace has since scrapped the rule, with the Duke of Sussex wearing military attire on Saturday for the queen’s final vigil.

Despite criticism, royal insiders, however, claim Charles was pivotal in stripping the queen’s “favorite son” of his titles in early 2022 – along with Prince William who feels Andrew should be “banished” – with Princess Anne tapped to take on a more official role during the king’s reign in the ever-changing firm.

Meanwhile, the lowering into the Royal Vault was the last time the Queen’s coffin will be seen by the public. She was formally buried at a private event alongside her husband, Prince Philip at around 7.30pm on Monday.

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