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My Big Fat Fabulous LIfe: Should The Show Be Canceled?

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Should The Show Be Canceled?

TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life has a solid fanbase, but there are viewers who have gotten tired of the storyline. The show has been on TLC for ten seasons and the show has become pretty stagnant and we have pretty much seen everything that could possibly happen to Whitney Way Thore.

The show has focused on Whitney and her struggles of being 380 pounds. She has tried to lead a healthier life and she has even opened up her own fitness business called No BS Active.

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: This Season’s Focus

So far in this season, Whitney and her family have faced Babs’ health and after she suffered from a stroke, Whitney’s life was turned upside down. Babs is doing much better but still is in a care facility where she receives the around-the-clock help that she needs.

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Should The Show Be Canceled?

Whitney has also been struggling with the fact that she wants to have children. With her health condition, her doctors aren’t sure that she can get pregnant and this has left her heartbroken.

When Whitney got the news about the ability to have children, she decided to seek the help of a surrogate. This ended up falling through and her surrogate discovered that her body was not fit for surrogacy. This was devastating to Whitney and she has been working on facing this fact as well.

Reddit users were quick to start in about Whitney and how they think she does nothing on the show.

One wrote, “At this point, I feel the show is dead. She’s not even giving us good material to snark at. She’s boring. The season is boring. There’s nothing. She’s run out of storylines and material. It’s over. Even Lenny can’t breathe life back into it! I only care if Babs is ok. That’s it. She’s miserable and everyone is moving on her but… time to let the final shoe drop.”

Another viewer added, “I feel like it’s really because she does NOTHING AT ALL. In the past, she used to try to do things and fail epically because she was in complete denial about her physical and mental capabilities. I miss that.”

One last viewer wrote, “The fact that her Insta shows that Babs is still basically non-verbal means there won’t be any progression of her health this season. It’s basically watching car washes and Heather on dates.”

As of right now, we will just have to keep an eye on Whitney and the show to see what happens.

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