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'Love is Blind' Spoilers: Jessica Batten Finds Love And Is Officially Married

‘Love is Blind’ Spoilers: Jessica Batten Finds Love And Is Officially Married

The Netflix show, Love is Blind has become quite a favorite among viewers. The show is all about finding love and never seeing the person you marry until you actually get engaged. There have been many of these shows popping up in the reality television world and this one has seen a lot of success stories, but more failures.

One of the couples that did get engaged, but struggled once they were face to face was Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas. Jessica was the one who said “I don’t” when they got to the altar and Mark was very upset by this. He fell in love with her and he really did work hard at their relationship. Things didn’t go as anyone expected, but as they say, when one door closes, another opens and this is just what happened for Jessica.

‘Love is Blind’ Spoilers: She Says “I Do”

Jessica’s husband, Benjamin McGrath saw Jessica on social media and saw her on Love is Blind. He found her incredibly beautiful and interesting and he decided to reach out to her on her Instagram account. Just before California went into lockdown, they met for a bike ride and they had very strong chemistry.

‘Love is Blind’ Spoilers: Jessica Batten Finds Love and is Officially Married

The two of them lived about an hour away from one another so during the lockdown, they spent time Facetiming each other and learning more about each other. They moved in together shortly after and they fell madly in love. They announced that they were engaged in September of 2021 and they were married on August 24 of this year. They wanted to have a huge wedding, but they had to make some changes.

The couple shared with fans, “We both went through COVID following the engagement, and we had to move residence shortly thereafter. This unexpectedly pushed us out in the planning process. Once we started diving in after the beginning of the year, we realized there were more complexities than we planned for.”

The couple has shared their wedding photos and the couple was even photographed for Brides magazine. Jessica and Benjamin seem to be incredibly happy together and enjoying their new married life.

As for Mark, it looks as if his life has changed a lot too. He is now married to a woman named Aubrey and they have two sons together, Ace and Axton. He looks incredibly happy and looks to be loving his life as a dad! We are happy for both of these couples!

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