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FOX “Monarch” Spoilers 9/27 – Nicky Looks to Turn the Tables on Clive; Luke Learns the Truth

FOX “Monarch” Spoilers 9/27 – Nicky Looks to Turn the Tables on Clive; Luke Learns the Truth




FOX “Monarch” Spoilers love how the show’s not wasting any time in getting into the nitty gritty of the Roman family skeletons, and things are going to pick up a couple of notches in this episode.

While the show reminded us initially of Johnny Cash’s family and legacy, it’s turning more into a harder edged “Dallas” with each episode as it’s firmly entrenched itself in the landscape of primetime soap operas.

There’s plenty of deceit going on in the Roman family, so let’s dig in and see what we can find out.

“Monarch” Spoilers: Clive’s got a date with a toaster

Nicky Roman (Anna Friel) has a lot of pressure on her between stepping into her mother’s shoes and the Queen of Country Music and keeping the fact she helped Dottie Roman (Susan Sarandon) commit suicide instead of facing a slow death from her cancer.

And now she’s going to learn her beloved husband Clive Grayson (Adam Croasdell) has been having an affair and she’ll plan some payback.

In typical scorned woman on a soap opera act, Nicky will turn the tables on Clive by threatening to throw a toaster into the tub with him.

This is a nice nod to murder mysteries and prime time soaps from the 80s when various plugged in appliance were the weapon of choice for scorned lovers or spouses.

But will she follow through?

“Monarch” Spoilers: A devastating truth

FOX “Monarch” Spoilers expect Luke Roman (Joshua Sasse) will learn the truth about his mother’s passing, and that’s not going to sit well with him.

Of course, the way we expect him to find out won’t give him much room to be on a high horse. He’s having an affair with his sister’s wife Kayla Taylor-Roman (Meagan Holder).

It stands to reason that Kayla will hear about it from her wife as Gigi Taylor-Roman (Beth Ditto) will trust her enough to share her concerns with Nicky’s involvement.

We’re sure this won’t complicate things, especially since Luke if the family’s CEO and could make things very interesting for Nicky and the family as a whole.

He already confronted Albie Roman (Trace Adkins) and accused him of having a hand in Dottie’s death, and Albie didn’t take the accusation well and for good reason.

If Luke knows, it’s going to be interesting to see how the news will affect the family dynamic going forward and who will be the first to turn on who.

How do you think Luke will use this information? Let us know in the comments below and check back with FOX “Monarch” Spoilers for the latest updates, spoilers, and speculation.

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