Akon Reveals Michael Jackson’s Plans For Music Schools In Africa, Wants To Continue The Plan

Akon claims that before the King of Pop passed away, he and Michael Jackson were talking about opening a number of music-focused schools throughout Africa. He told TMZ about an idea he and Michael Jackson had back in the day: a network of music schools on Akon’s native continent.

Jackson constantly preached about the idea of making a better world and working together to get there, and it looks like he was on the verge of doing another great thing before his passing in 2009. Fortunately, Akon still plans to continue on with the plans and continue Jackson’s legacy.

Akon Reveals Michael Jackson’s Plans For Music Schools In Africa, Wants To Continue The Plan

According to Akon and Michael, there was and still is a lot of untapped talent in Africa. As a result, they wanted to provide students with tools, infrastructure, and industry advice to help them hone their skills. It’s an intriguing revelation about Michael, and Akon explains why people shouldn’t be debating his legacy.

Of course, rumors of child molestation have tainted the legacy of Michael Jackson and he has been heavily scrutinized even after his untimely death. To hear that he was going to be building schools may have killed that noise. However, not even Macaulay Culkin could quiet a lot of the haters when asked about what happened at Neverland Ranch. He claims that nothing ever happened and Michael was just a guy that wanted to play video games and experience the childhood he never got to have.

It will be interesting to see if Akon continues the plan to build schools. I think it would be very cool to see and a great way to remember Jackson and everything that he had planned.

What do you think? Did Michael do anything or was it just a bunch of noise? Do you believe Culkin’s story? Let us know in the comments below.

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