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'7 LIttle Johnstons' Spoilers: The Family Celebrates New Milestone - 100th Episode!

‘7 LIttle Johnstons’ Spoilers: The Family Celebrates New Milestone – 100th Episode!

7 Little Johnstons couple, Amber Johnston and Trent Johnston have been sharing their lives with fans for years. The Johnstons have become a very famous family on TLC and now they want to share a very special milestone for their family.

‘7 LIttle Johnstons’ Spoilers: The Happy News

7 Little Johnstons is now in the 12th season of the show and it first aired in March of 2015. Fans of the show have really enjoyed watching the kids grow and watching their personalities and interests grow. The youngest of the family members are Emma Johnston and Alex Johnston and they are now juniors in high school.

‘7 LIttle Johnstons’ Spoilers: The Family Celebrates New Milestone

Trent and Amber post pretty regularly on Instagram and on Tuesday before the new episode aired, they shared some very important news with their viewers. They shared a picture of themselves smiling and they were holding a sign. The sign read, “7 Little Johnstons 100 episodes.” Amber captioned it, “Doing something right.”

Fans of the family were quick to share their love for the show and for the Johnstons. One of their fans wrote, “YAYYYY!!! I have watched all 1o0 episodes! I love you guys so much!” Another added, “I truly love watching your family. You guys are so awesome!” With all of the love that Amber and Trent received, there was one fan that was very vocal about Amber’s parenting.

They wrote, “I used to love that show. Now Amber just seems too programmed. I get it, I’m a parent too, but gee whiz, loosen up a little.”  One more added, “Congrats! We have loved watching your family and the way you’ve raised your children and tackled everything as a family unit! Thank you for sharing this with us.”

The Johnstons had a lot of comments about how hard it must be to be on the show and have their lives on a public television show. Fans gave them a lot of support for sharing their lives and many of them had questions about seeing them on another season, but they didn’t answer any of their questions about that. They are still under an NDA with TLC so they really can’t give away too many hints.

We are happy that the Johnstons are still going strong and sharing their lives with their fans. Trent did hint that there would be more episodes, but that was about all he did. Fans will just have to wait and see what happens next with the 7 Little Johnstons.

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