Why Didn’t Ethan Plath Post A Family Unity Statement After The Rest Of The Siblings Said They Will No Longer Be Divided?

Recently, Moriah Plath began the journey of family unity by posting a statement on her Instagram that said that the Plath siblings as a family have decided to no longer be divided. Lydia, Micah, and Isaac posted the exact same statement afterward saying that as a family they no longer wished to be divided. However, we noticed something, out of the Plath kids that are on social media, Ethan Plath has not said one peep in regard to family unity or made any kind of comment on Moriah’s initial statement at all.

This begs the question, is Ethan in favor of family unity, or is he still firmly planted in Olivia’s camp? Judging by just the social media commentary alone one would think that Ethan has planted flags firmly in Camp Olivia and has shrugged off any idea of family unity.

Why Didn’t Ethan Plath Post A Family Unity Statement?

However, he did say that he was done with drama and that if there was any more drama in the situation he was just going to walk. It’s clear to see from these statements that he’s tired but he seemed to have fun hanging out with his younger siblings when he and Olivia visited dad Barry Plath, so one wonders what exactly the deal is with Ethan.

He may not have posted a family unity statement out of respect for Olivia’s feelings, it’s clear to see that he wants to remain married to her, even if he hinted that they could be divorced in 10 years’ time during the last season. We guess he just doesn’t feel like getting a divorce right now, and that may be the reason for his silence.

It’s clear that he still has issues with Mom Kim Plath, and that those are going to take a while to work themselves out. Obviously, Olivia has issues with Kim as well, and that factors in, as well as both of their upbringings. In Fundamentalism, it is often taught that you reject your own family and cleave to your husband or wife, but what that teaching fails to incorporate is the historical context and the fact that way back in ancient times when it was taught that no one really lived past their 40’s so familial relationships didn’t really have time to be repaired.

But These Are Modern Times

The clues are there, Moriah has moved out of the house in Tampa and is in another place now. The series has yet to get greenlight for season 5 but we hope soon. Stay tuned!!!

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