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‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan Plath’s new motorcycle blue

Ethan Plath had a weird, quarter-life crisis (even though he’s only 23) thing where he learned of his parents’ impending divorce and then went out and bought a new motorcycle.

We’ve heard of guys doing this when they turn 40, but Ethan did something that most guys who’ve been married half their lives won’t even do and that was, he didn’t consult wifey Olivia Plath before making said big purchase and she is understandably ticked off.

Usually when a big purchase such as a car or motorcycle is made, it’s customary to consult one’s spouse, even the most conservative, traditional households do that, it’s just common courtesy.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath’s new motorcycle blue

Not only was Olivia ticked off, but her other, Nate Meggs, was kind of ticke off at Ethan as well. When Ethan informed them both of the purchase he told him, “You better be kidding.” but Ethan wasn’t, and Nate didn’t seem all that amused by it, in fact he seemed a little ticked off that Ethan spent a week longer in Cairo than he said he would, even though Olivia didn’t seem to be.

One wonders if this would eventually cause some tension between them if Ethan really pushed things, he really didn’t seem to like where the argument between Ethan and his sister was going. We haven’t really heard that much from Nathan at all, but one does wonder if one day those opinions are going to clash.

Olivia said that she tried to call Ethan 16 times while he was in Cairo and he only picked up once, that says a lot about how much Ethan communicates. Even when she offered to talk to him about his parents’ divorce, he seemed to shut down and just want to talk about how busy the traffic was on his trip down from Cairo instead of anything that was going on inside his own head.

But then, later in the episode it seemed that things got resolved because Olivia was saying that she wasn’t actually mad about the purchase, but just that secrets were being kept from her.

That’s totally fair, but Ethan has a long way to go in terms of communicating with his spouse. Stay tuned!!!

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