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Update As Police Women Of Cincinnati Rose Valentino FIRED For Using N Word In WILD Rant: “F****ing N****r, I Hate Them!”

The TLC network has brought a lot of reality shows our way. One of these shows was called Police Women of Cincinnati. This show focused on women in the police force and what they went through in their daily lives. The show wasn’t on for long, but it did have quite a following. Now it looks as if one of the police officers has been fired for her use of the N-word.

Rose Valentino Fired

All it took was for one officer to use the N-word on her body camera for the police force to have proof of her racist actions and vocabulary. She had a full-on meltdown on this camera and that is when she dropped the N-word. Back in April, she was heard saying, “F*****g n******. I f*****g hate them!” She then is seen punching the steering wheel of her police car.

Police Women Of Cincinnati Fired For Using Racist Term

It was shocking to see and hear this coming from her and she was actually right outside of a school in Cincinnati and her superiors were shocked to see her acting this way. She has had her badge stripped from her and now she is working in the police station on desk duty.

The reports say that Valentino was very frustrated because she was in a line of cars that were picking up their kids from school. This was at a local high school and she was trying to pull over a car that never stopped after she turned on her lights and siren. This really made her upset and this was part of the reason for her rant on the body camera. As this was happening, a Black student walked by her police car and gave her the middle finger. This was the icing on the cake for her and that is when she began using the N-word.

When the police station saw this rant, she was investigated and she told the investigators that she never uses racial slurs and she would never say them on a regular basis. She told them that there has been so much stress on her and the force and it has all come caving in on her. This is what she claims started the meltdown.

Police Women of Cincinnati were seen on TLC in 2011. It was only on for one season and it was focused on these women in the line of duty. We hope this is an isolated incident on  this police force.

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