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Pete Davidson

Update As Kim Kardashian’s Ex Pete Davidson Undergoing Trauma Therapy

It looks like Kanye West finally had the desired effect that he wanted, because in lieu of his break-up with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson is currently undergoing trauma therapy. If you’ll remember a few months back, Kanye West went pretty hard on Pete on social media, making all kinds of claymation music videos animating how he wanted to beat up Pete, and even hinted at killing him at one point.

Actually, who are we kidding? Kanye didn’t just hint, he outright depicted Pete’s brutal murder in several of the videos and even went so far as to announce the “death” of “Skete” on social media. It may have been a joke to some, but to Pete, it was no laughing matter.

Pete Davidson undergoing trauma therapy

It was one thing while he was still with Kim, because he had their relationship to fall back on and we guess that left him feeling a little bullet-proof, after all, Kim is a reality TV star and lives her life in front of the camera so her family is no stranger to large amounts of security being around and we’re pretty sure that Pete reaped the benefits of that.

But now that he doesn’t exactly have the Kardashian umbrella to hide behind, probably the full impact of the situation has hit him, along with whatever else might have led to the break-up aside from scheduling issues. We all know that Pete’s mental health issues have been a thing for awhile, and that lifes ups and downs can sometimes mess with them.

We do hope that he’s okay, he seems to be surrounded by a good support system so far, and is keeping his eye on the prize as far as his career goals go and is keeping busy. He has not really been on social media since Kanye’s attacks began, since Kanye can’t seem to stay off social media we can see where Pete might feel unwelcome, so as far as fans know, at least he’s in a place where we know he’s getting help.

He hasn’t posted anything worrisome like he did back in 2018 where he hinted that he didn’t want to be alive anymore, but we can only guess as to what he’s told his therapist. Still… we wish him the best and hope he’s fully recovered soon. Stay tuned!!!