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Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Casilda gets in deep with Alejandra, and Lucía might be waking up




Univision Mujer de Nadie spoilers reveal Alejandra Madrigal de Horta (Azela Robinson) is apparently taking no chances. Meanwhile, Rafael López Montes (Plutarco Haza) has some business to deal with tonight. We’ll also see Casilda Gómez (María Penella) make another confession. Here’s what you need to know.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Problems…

So, Mujer de Nadie spoilers reveal Alejandra managed to keep her daughter from learning too much by going along for a meeting with Roxana Vázquez de López (Carmen Aub). She’ll hedge her bets by informing Rafael about what went down. Which it seems clear will be a “get her under control, or else” situation. However, Rafael is going to have other things to worry about.

See, last time Carlos Ortega Ibarra (Luis Arrieta) admitted he was involved in the theft that nearly destroyed the family company. While Carlos has taken responsibility and turned himself in, this will leave Rafael with concerns. Namely, he’ll want to be sure that Fernando Ortega Ibarra (Marcus Ornellas) wasn’t in on the robbery. A valid concern, seeing as how Rafael is the investor that helped save the company. And with what he learned about Fernando and Roxana, we have a feeling it won’t be easy to convince Rafael of his innocence.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Confessions, part 2

In other news, Casilda reveals to her godmother that she slept with Leonardo (Ignacio Tahhan). We’re sort of surprised she’ll do this, given how Alejandra treats her under normal circumstances. However, maybe her guilt about Leonardo firing Silvia (Clarisa González) pushes her to come clean. Of course, she may feel, given the way Leonardo reacted and Silvia’s firing might make the truth coming out inevitable. You know, possibly trying to buy some points with honesty. We’ll see.

It appears, however, Alejandra might not take the news well. Mujer de Nadie spoilers tease she’ll make Lucía Arizmendi Díaz (Livia Brito) believe something horrible about Casilda. There is one detail, however, about this whole thing that’s confusing us.

It seems Leonardo feels an apology to Casilda is in order. For real? We know he was really harsh with her, but let’s face it: the girl violated him by making him believe he was sleeping with someone else. That is a terrible thing to do to someone, and we really believe no apologies are necessary.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Honesty, please

Finally, it seems Lucía might be waking up to the mess around her. It seems she’ll ask Isaura Henderson de Arizmendi (Cynthia Klitbo) to tell her the truth about what she did with her father’s house. Sounds like someone has a lot of explaining to do, and we can’t wait to see how Isaura tries to cover this up.

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