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True Crime: Update As Michigan Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Kid Brings THC Gummies to School

With the legalization of marijuana all over the country, adults are having to watch their children closely when it comes to their THC products. One Michigan mother learned this the hard way. She is being charged with second-degree child abuse after her child took THC gummies to school with them and shared them. Yes, that’s right, they shared them…with kindergarteners!

True Crime: The Incident

It’s not every day that a charge like this comes up, but for Melinda Gatica, it did. She actually turned herself into the Genesee County police on Wednesday. She is now facing up to ten years in prison for this little mistake.

True Crime: Child Brings THC Gummies to School

During a press conference, the Genesee County Sheriff, Christopher Swanson, told the press, “Four kids between the ages of five and six, from Edgerton Elementary School in Vienna Township, Michigan, were taken to a local hospital after feeling short of breath, nausea, and lethargic.” At first, detectives all thought that the children had carbon monoxide poisoning, but it turns out that they were all wrong.

How did the child get these gummies? Were they packaged? Were they purchased at a dispensary? Well, it looks as if Gatica makes her own THC gummies at home. That’s right, she infuses them with THC, and then she puts them in candy wrappings and then into their refrigerator at home. They are generally just sitting there for all to grab.

In the state of Michigan, recreational marijuana is legal to use at home. Even in dispensaries, however, everything must be labeled appropriately in order to keep everyone safe. THC gummies do look like candy, but in the grand scheme of things, they are far from it.

The prosecutor for this case told the press, “This is a criminal proceeding that could’ve easily been avoided with some simple precautions. I have had to charge a mother with second-degree child abuse because she left her edibles… within reach of her 6-year-old. What’s not safe is to store those edibles in a pouch like this. If you’re gonna do edibles… you gotta safe keep them. It’s like a gun in the house.”

The four students were sent home from the hospital shortly after being admitted.

We will keep a close eye on this case to see when Gatica has her sentencing. She is facing up to ten years in prison for this mistake. We are glad that all of the children are feeling much better now.

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