TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: What does Hosanna Plath Think About Barry & Kim Plath Divorcing?

You know, there are 9 Plath children that are alive, but one that we haven’t actually heard from, and that is from the oldest daughter, the one who’s still neck deep in the fundie kool-aid according to the family (even deeper than Lydia Plath, if that’s possible), whose off living her life and raising her brand new family… the ‘perfect’ daughter, Hosanna.

Hosanna got married and we only got to see 0.5 seconds of her on the series in the first episode when it aired, but she never said anything and rather just gave one of her siblings a very disapproving look at something they had said. Hosanna doesn’t have social media and has chosen not to participate in the show, so it isn’t really known how she feels, except for privately.

What does Hosanna Plath think about the divorce?

But one does wonder what the one that Mom Kim Plath held on a pedastal for so long, actually thinks about her parents potentially divorcing. Of course, we’re going to expect that she went through some kind of shock and some kind of grief like all the older Plath kids (and probably similar to what Lydia and the younger kids are going through, to be honest), but as for her opinion on the divorce… no one actually knows!

It hasn’t been mentioned, in fact, the people in the fandom have been wondering why on earth everyone acts like she doesn’t exist because it’s not like she’s dead, she just chose not to participate in the show. You would think that by now, one of the Plath kids would have reached out to her and we would kind of know what she thought by now.

But nope, mum’s the word on Hosanna’s end! 

Being active in fundamentalist circles, one does wonder if perhaps Hosanna is embarrassed by the great amount of attention that her family’s divorce is receiving. We’re not saying that Kim and Barry are the only Christian Fundamentalist couple ever to get a divorce, we’re just saying it’s extremely uncommon within those circles to get one.

We also wonder if perhaps, Hosanna saw this development coming and what, if any, insight she could provide into the situation. Then again, she hasn’t lived at home in a few years and is largely uninvolved with the show when the Plaths are filming so perhaps she was blissfully ignorant… at least until now… of the impending divorce.

But something tells us that if Hosanna Plath ever decided to write a tell-all? It would be juicy indeed. Stay tuned!!!

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