TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Was Kim Plath Financially Abusing Ethan Plath?

Something Olivia Plath said raised a bunch of red flags within the fandom. She revealed the real tea of what went down between her and Kim and now a lot of Kim’s actions make sense.

For the longest time the fandom was under the assumption that the Plaths were just religious fundamentalists who had strict beliefs about things and Kim had probably lost her mind about a brand of toothpaste that Olivia had purchased, or at least that’s what we were led to believe in the first seasons. Now, Olivia sits down with producers in this episode and spills the real tea about why Kim Plath accused her of ‘having the devil in her’.

Was Kim Plath financially abusing Ethan Plath?

As it turns out, Kim Plath was using 20 year old Ethan’s credit card to buy herself things and not paying him back. Ethan didn’t seem to think that that was a big deal, and even admitted to Olivia that he did not have the computer password nor did he have his banking password. Olivia set things right, at least with the banking password, and gave him control over his own money.

When Kim asked her for the password, Olivia told her she could not have it and that was Ethan’s password now and that’s when Kim lost it and screamed at her and slammed the door in her face and told her she had the devil in her.

Everything that has gone down between Olivia and Kim makes sense now. Kim was using her oldest son as an income, this would explain why Ethan always wanted to stay close to home, and always wanted to return to Cairo and is still making trips back and forth to Cairo in spite of going no contact with his parents.

This would also explain why Cairo triggers Olivia so badly because she associates it with not having the freedom to do as she pleases, in spite of being a grown, married woman and being shamed for things that she really shouldn’t be shamed for. Granted, she should have had a talk with Ethan about changing his password before she did it but she thought she was doing a good thing.

Olivia didn’t come out and say it, but she basically accused Kim of being a user. She accused her of being someone who only loved you because you met a need in their life. Sadly… that is a trait that is becoming a lot more common, but one would hope that it would never apply to Mother and Child, however in this case it seems to.

Ethan may be able to forgive and forget that this happened, or he may know the deeper reasons why Kim would do this and is attempting to be understanding, but… Olivia isn’t quite there yet and can’t wrap her head around what looks more and more like financial abuse.

One does have to wonder why on earth Kim would resort to using her oldest son as income, but then you meet Barry Plath and you realize that Barry probably has the first dollar he ever made in a frame somewhere, and while we’re not saying he values money or anything, it takes a boatload of money to raise 10 kids, so it’s really no wonder that Ethan ended up working and providing for at least some of the family’s needs.

That’s the way things would have worked in ye olde days, after all. It also takes money and manpower to maintain a working farm and other properties – and Kim contributed nothing financially, so chances are, if Kim wanted anything extra, she had to ask Barry and probably incur some form of wrath.

If Ethan saw this and wanted to make things easier on his Mom, and perhaps his younger siblings, then it would only make sense that he would step up to the plate and fill in the gaps to where Kim wouldn’t have to ask Barry for anything, and since grief can often compound these types of dynamics – Lord only knows what was said and done after the death of little Joshua.

Ethan said that he started working when he was around 16, three years after he stated that he started falling behind in school, three years before that would have been the death of little Joshua… trauma doesn’t always happen all at once, sometimes it goes in stages. We do wonder if any of the other Plath siblings financially contributed in order to make things easier on Kim, but they haven’t said yet. Stay tuned!!!

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