TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: The Younger Plaths get “The Talk” From Kim and Barry Plath

Kim and Barry Plath finally sat the younger Plaths down and had the talk about the divorce. They laid out the future living arrangement plans, and it looks like the younger Plaths aren’t actually too happy with what’s going to happen. They proposed the idea that Barry move out and Kim come back and raise the rest of the kids.

They also proposed the idea that it could be just one of the rental properties that Barry stays at instead of finding an entirely new place, and that would make sense, although it would potentially lessen the income for them both – unless Barry plans on having a duplex type situation, and, who knows, he might.

The Younger Plaths get The Talk

Of course Lydia burst into tears, because she thought that they would eventually work things out. Isaac didn’t seem to surprised. The one that is surprising is Amber, she has finally started speaking up and she has some tea that she wants to spill. As it turns out she revealed that she no longer trusts her Mom.

She said that when she was little all she could hear was that their marriage was forever and that there would be no divorce. Now she hears that Kim will always be there for her as a Mom but that she is going back on her word about divorce, at 13 you could see where that would cause a bit of cognitive dissonance.

Mercy and Cassia are so young that while they are definitely going to be affected by the changes going forward they may not be as vocal about it, at least not on camera. So far Welcome to Plathville has done a pretty good job of keeping the minor children largely out of the spotlight. That is for the best, because that way they can focus on healing and being a kid, which are the things that they should be focusing on right now.

It looks like Kim may have her work cut out for her though,right now the kids seem to be firmly in Barry’s camp and we aren’t sure how that is going to go yet. She may meet with some pushback from some of the younger ones. We’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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