TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Olivia Plath’s Brother Nathan Meggs Sentenced For Dangerous DUI

TLC’ Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers indicate that this past March was a rough one for Olivia Plath’s brother Nathan Meggs. At only 19 years old, it seems that he was found at a gas station, intoxicated, unconscious, head on the steering wheel after having vomited on himself and slurring his words. It seems that he had been drinking and had decided to drive, so the local police decided to slap him with a DUI. Recently, he just found out his fate for this pretty reckless decision.

He gets 12 months probation, along with having to attend DUI school and has to pay $500 in fines. You would think, someone as young and fresh out of the nest as Nathan Meggs wouldn’t even want to touch alcohol, because if you’ll remember it took the Plath kids awhile to become as ‘worldly’ as they are.

Olivia Plath’s brother, Nathan Meggs, sentenced for DUI

But it seems Nathan is well on his way to adjusting to being a college-aged guy. Not that getting an underage DUI is okay, it’s not, but… it’s kind of par for the course at that age. Though, given Nathan’s strict upbringing, which was, as Olivia said just as strict as the Plath’s own upbringing, one wonders just how on earth Nathan got so well acquainted with alcohol so quickly?

Is that the reason he initially moved in with Olivia and Ethan? So that he could drink socially and not be judged for it? Because we’re pretty sure that Ethan and Olivia have a decent liquor cabinet. It brings to mind some conflicting narratives about the Meggs family that have circulated.

Olivia says that their upbringing was just as strict as the Plath’s upbringing, but yet she hints at stealing her Mom’s phone at night to look up videos of boys and girls kissing (the uber fundie christian version of “porn”) and blames it on being a “horny 16 year old”.

In an earlier episode, she also hinted that the reason that her Father got into the legalistic church was to abstain from alcohol but given both Olivia and Nathan’s relationship with alcohol, one wonders just how much abstaining went on under the Meggs’ roof, because Nathan had to learn that behavior from somewhere.

It’s not like the Plaths themselves don’t have blemishes on their driving records though, in January of 2021 Ethan Plath got busted for driving a car with a suspended registration and without valid insurance. Moriah Plath in that exact same month got nailed for driving 89MPH in a 55MPH zone and was fined $250, It seems they inherit their driving records from Mom Kim Plath, who, back in the day got cited for not wearing a seatbelt… we guess this was before she had children. Ahem.

Although, it would seem that none of the Plaths, so far, have gotten a DUI. Although that reminds us, Micah Plath hinted about having to pay some fines in regard to his car… why weren’t his records ever brought up? It’s interesting how no one mentions that. We hope that Welcome to Plathville is renewed for season 5… we would love to see all the social media tea addressed. Stay tuned!!!

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