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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Kim Plath – not a wife anymore

Kim Plath gave her own revelation on the latest episode of Welcome to Plathville, she said that she is moving forward in her life as a Mom and as a business owner but no longer as a wife to hubby Barry Plath. After 24 years of marriage they announced a few weeks ago that they were getting a divorce.

She assured all of the younger kids whom she really hadn’t had a sit down with that she would always be there for them as a Mom, and confessed to Lydia that the reason that she has not been around is that she can’t stand living in the same house with Barry. Honestly, after watching him address their issues the last couple of times she tried to have a conversation with him – can we really blame her?

Kim Plath – not a wife anymore

Barry basically dismissed her concerns and just sort of accepted responsibility in a way that honestly felt like he was trying to get out of taking accountability. We get that he was probably trying to downplay his emotions in front of the camera but he did so in a way that made him look superior and like he didn’t actually care what Kim had to say he was just going to agree with her to get her off his back.

Even though she had said that he was harsh on her, he didn’t really do anything to actually address her concerns, just accepted responsibility in an attempt to move on. That’s not always helpful.

But in his confessional we got to see a glimpse of Single Man Barry Plath and he said that sooner orr later Kim is going to start moving on romantically and that he is not okay with that.

Right now, we have not seen Barry break a sweat over Kim, but once she starts dating and moving on, possibly with younger men, then Barry is going to have some problems with that. Will we see Barry potentially try and win Kim back or quite possibly confront another guy? It would be interesting,that’s for sure. Stay tuned!!!