TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Is Moriah Plath Moving Away?

Something smells rotten in Plathville. Moriah Plath recently posted on her IG story that she was in the process of moving and that if followers just DM’d her that she would get the items to them instead of putting them on a website to sell, because she didn’t have time, allegedly.

Now, we were under the impression that Moriah would have a home with Ethan and Olivia as long as they were together (and from the looks of social media, they’re still together), but we were also aware that their lease in Tampa was set to be up after a year and currently, from the looks of social media, Ethan and Olivia are traveling the world and enjoying one another’s company and the last thing on their minds is maintaining a family home while on this European jaunt. So it looks like Moriah (and most probably Nathan Meggs, Olivia’s brother) is having to move.

But where to?

There’s several options. Some people in the fandom suggested that she might move in with Kim in the dance studio but somehow we doubt that that relationship is exactly healed enough yet for those two to be living together. After all, Kim just recently adopted a new way of life that doesn’t mean that she’s changed her spots entirely.

Moriah Plath moving?

Moriah may also be down for giving her Mother a chance, and hearing her out, but let’s face it, she’s not going to jump right into living with her anytime soon… but we’ll see once we find out if Plathville has been renewed for another season. (Although, even if they haven’t we’ll still likely find out on social media.)

There’s also the option of her moving in with Micah again all the way out in California, with Moriah being the way that she is we have no doubt that she would thrive in West Hollywood and be the life of the party. Also, it would be a completely non-judgmental place where she could pursue her music full time and also pursue her other more extra-curricular activities like dancing as well. It seems like the smartest option, to be honest…

Unless Moriah plans on taking one for the team now that sister Lydia Plath has talked about moving out and is going back to Tallahassee to share a living space with her sister. It would make sense that she would be the one to move back and share a living space with Lydia, seeing as it is Lydia’s first time away from Cairo and it would be incredibly sweet of Moriah to do such a thing and sacrifice her own freedom in order to make sure that her sister is okay.

It would also make a little more sense than Lydia moving in with swingin’ single Dad Barry Plath, like she talked about… but we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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