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georgia guidestone explosion mystery

The Georgia Guidestones Explosion Mystery, 42 Years Later – What Happened?

Just recently in what the Georgia Prosecutor called “an act of domestic terrorism” the monument called The Georgia Guidestones were blown up after being erected 40 years ago in in 1980.

The only thing that was really known about them is that they were put in place, or at least financed by, a man who went by the name of R.C. Christian and that over the years they have garnered a lot of attention from conspiracy theorists, irate Christian Conservatives, and non-Christians alike. It was said in the documentary “Dark Clouds over Elberton” that the Guidestones were sometimes used for Pagan Ceremonies.

The Georgia Guidestones explosion mystery

Of course, being erected at the height of Satanic Panic didn’t really help matters, and the fact that the number one “commandment” on these guidestones seemed to be aimed at keeping the world population under 500M, it’s not hard to paint a picture of the type of person that may have seen fit to destroy this monument, given the sheer amount of “pro-life” propaganda that is going around these days.

Also, it was talked about among QAnon conspiracy theorists a lot, and once something is within QAnon’s cross-hairs, the slander will outlast any actual act they perform against it but they seem to be really good at, shall we say “marketing”.

A right-wing commentator who called himself “John Connor” in 2005 wrote a piece stating that the monument should be taken down, he is actually right-wing youtuber Mark Dice and has since said that he wanted the monument taken down in a legal, civil manner, and not blown up. However Georgia Gubenatorial race candidate Kandiss Taylor has expressed in the past how she wanted to blow up the Guidestones and how if God wanted to,

He could destroy a “Satanic Monument” such as the guidestones. Okay, but we’re pretty sure a man who lived in ancient Galilea would have a hard time figuring out how to drive a modern car, not that Jesus couldn’t have hailed an Uber, but we’re pretty sure that carrying explosives inside an Uber is, at the very least, against company policy.

Also the Guidestones were not actually destroyed by an act of God, but rather by someone who detonated a very earthly, explosive device. You’d think the actual Son of God would rain down lightning from the Heavens if He were that offended by them.

The real irony here is, the man who originally had the Guidestones erected was associated with the Order of the Rosy Cross, which is a Christian Organization. The person who destroyed the guidestones has not been identified yet, nor has the car that was spotted driving away from the site after the explosion went off. It seems that for now, this person is equivalent to who was on the grassy knoll, we may never know who did it… but we’ll keep an eye on the story for you here at DSD. Stay tuned!!!

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