The Bachelorette: After Cheating Allegations, Nate Mitchell Opens Up About His Daughter

This season of the Bachelorette has been anything but normal and fans are starting to notice that the drama in this season seems a bit scripted. No matter what, the newest scandal on this season is the fact that former suitor, Nate Mitchell was accused of cheating before he came onto the show.

His ex-wife opened up on social media that he had cheated on her and kept this other woman a secret for over a year. Of course, Nate has had a lot of support throughout this season and he took time to talk about the one thing that means the most to him… his daughter.

The Bachelorette: Not Ready For Motherhood

Nate was a front runner for the love of Gabby Windey. On a one-on-one date, that was very emotional, she ended up sending him home because she just couldn’t see herself being a mother yet.

The Bachelorette: After Cheating Allegations, Nate Mitchell Opens Up About His Daughter

She told him, “I’m terrified of not just being a mom, but being bad at it. I see you and I know that you’re such a good dad. And I know she’s so lucky to have you, really. She has to be the luckiest girl in the world and I know, like, meeting her- if I were to I wouldn’t have a choice but to fall in love because I know how much she’s like you… Every time I see you, my feelings get deeper and deeper and it’s just so hard because it’s you.”

Gabby went on, tearfully, “You are truly an amazing person both inside and out. From seeing you light up every room you inhabit to the convos that would bring us both to tears, there is not a moment spent with you that I would take back.”

On Nate’s newest post on Instagram, he shared a video of himself with his daughter at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. He captioned it, “Gotta get through the King to get to the Queen.” He shared a montage of pictures of their trip and the music playing was “Just the Two of Us” by Will Smith.

The photos that Mitchell has shared are adorable and his fans can tell that he truly loves his daughter more than anything in this world!

The rumors are flying that Mitchell is up to be the Bachelor on the season and many fans are upset about it because of the cheating allegations. We will have to keep an eye on him to see what is next for him.

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