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The Bachelor: Colton Underwood Seen Hugging and Straddling Boyfriend During Vacation In France

It is crazy to think that Colton Underwood was just on the Bachelor vying for the attention of some beautiful women and now he is in France on vacation with his boyfriend, Jordan C. Brown. Colton took to Instagram to show his fans just how happy he is and just how much fun he is having in France with his love.

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Colton shared some pictures of himself with Brown as they vacationed together on a romantic getaway. It looks as if they can’t keep their hands off one another and this had some fans happy, but others were really thrown off. There is one picture where Colton and Jordan are hugging and kissing.

The Bachelor: Colton Underwood Seen Hugging and Straddling Boyfriend on French Vacation

They look incredibly happy together and their fans applauded them for being so open with their love and their relationship. One fan wrote to them, “You two are the absolute cutest! Hope you’re having the most magical adventure.”

There was one picture that was very racy. The men are seen laying on a bed, on a boat, and they are shirtless and just holding one another. They have been sharing their love for one another in pictures while they have been in Paris.

As far as their love story goes, they were seen together for the first time back in September of 2021. That was when they were seen kissing in Maui at the Four Seasons. As of February of this year, they announced that they were engaged to be married.

Colton was featured on the Bachelor in 2019 and he was trying to find a wife. Now he is living his best life with his boyfriend. He told fans, “That aspect of our relationship and our engagement and even, you know, our wedding, when it comes time to plan that, we’re going to be doing it, hopefully, in a nontraditional fun, weird way. It’s going to be authentic to us instead of trying to fit into some mold.”

Underwood came out as gay just a few months before the couple was seen together. They have told their fans that they “are in it for the long haul” and it seems as if they have found love like no other. This vacation really does show them as a very happy couple who is just trying to enjoy time together and work on making a life together

If you want to see more of their vacation photos, you can follow Colton on his Instagram account.

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