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Say Yes to the Dress: Kleinfeld Staff Meets Pickiest Bride Ever

The new season of Say Yes To the Dress is here and in the newest episode, the staff at Kleinfeld will have to deal with her. Of course, they have had a lot of brides that are high maintenance, but this one takes the cake. Milan Broadus goes into Kleinfeld with some ideas in her head of what the perfect dress will be and they have their work cut out for them.

Say Yes to the Dress: Milan’s Perfect Dress

When Milan comes into the store, she is with her mother, Belinda Broadus, and her mother-in-law, Mari Schmidt. They mention that this is the third time that she has been dress shopping for her wedding dress.

Say Yes to the Dress: Kleinfeld Staff Meets Pickiest Bride Ever

She tells the cameras, “I am here to try on Martina Liana dresses.” She is very excited to try on these dresses and she adds, “I have been wedding dress shopping twice with my mother and future mother-in-law, and while they all felt like we found the dress, I did not.”

While looking through dresses, she shows her mother one that she loves and her mother mentions that it looks almost exactly like the last one she loved then decided she didn’t like it at all. She tells Peter, her consultant at Kleinfeld, “I’m looking for a mermaid style. I want a mixed fabric, so I like the idea of doing some sort of lace with a little embellishment on top. And then something a little bit more structured on the bottom. I need some kind of sparkle.”

Peter likes that she knows what she wants and then he asks her mother and mother-in-law if their opinions matter. They tell him, “Not at all.” Her mother tells the cameras, “My opinion means nothing to Milan. She is picky. Shopping for prom dresses was very much the same. This is very familiar territory for me.”

Will Peter be able to help her to find the perfect dress for her wedding? He asked about the wedding and she mentioned that she is getting married in Greece and is really looking for the perfect dress to set the mood. If anyone can help her find her mermaid gown, it is the folks here at Kleinfled. They have been putting brides in gorgeous gowns for decades and Peter may have a hard customer here, but we have faith in him!

Be sure to catch the new season of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. It airs on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

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