Real Housewives of New Jersey: Bethenny Frankel Gives Her Take On Teresa Giudice’s Viral Wedding-Day Hair – ‘The Hair Was Its Own Being Getting Married’

Bethenny Frankel has given her take on Teresa Giudice’s wedding-day hair which became a talking point during her marriage to Luis Ruelas

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Bethenny Frankel Gives Her Take On Teresa Giudice’s Viral Wedding-Day Hair-‘The Hair Was Its Own Being Getting Married’

Teresa, for her part, turned heads with the following hairstyle. In the picture here, we can see that the hair has lots of volume. It has been kept in place by a tiara, but that did not stop the hair from taking centre stage.

Unfortunately for Teresa, though, it led to her receiving mass ridicule on social media. So much so that the hairstyle drew comparisons with Marge Simpson. Not only that, but Teresa’s stylist Lucia Casazza had to come out and defend the style. 

And yet, Bethenny praised Teresa for being true to who she was as the hairstyle summed up what Teresa would have done on any particular occasion. In her comments on the “Just B with Bethenny Frankel” podcast, she said: “The hair was its own being getting married.

“She knows where she came from, she is an Italian broad from Jersey … She got her hair done from her Jersey hairstylist and she’s the same Teresa that walked in with the cash to pay for the furniture, so yes, I am here for it, I want more.”

Ultimately, if there had been issues on the wedding day, then there were more bigger things to have worried about. Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga did not attend the wedding, despite having been invited to do so.

Therefore, if that did not make Teresa become overwhelmed, then the hairstyle would not have done it either. That is why Bethenny had nothing but good words to say about her.

Bethenny’s following comments confirmed as much: “I love the fact that Teresa is now with this long sort of massive … crown hairdo, with this lavish elaborate party that is a circus, that her dress is so ornate, it’s over-the-top — like good for her.”

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